• Chapter 222 : Judgment flutters down

Going back to Everastanzetta, in the Holy Seat Hall.

I flashed a smile at Ahid, who was probably watching the battle in the royal palace.

“Did you think you could defeat the real Hero just by taking away his Sword of Three Races?” (Anos)

Ahid sighed deeply at my words.

“You do not understand anything, Anos Voldigoad the Misfit. A divine message is neither a prophecy nor a prediction. It is the righteous guideline granted to us by the gods. One must follow it and strive to do so.” (Ahid)

“Kuhaha! I see. Seems like you’re trying to come up with a good excuse, but isn’t that one a bit ridiculous? Look back at yourself and reflect on it.” (Anos)

“Even if it means crawling on the ground, it is my duty as the oracle to believe in the words the gods have imparted me with, and do what I have to do. If there were an easy path and a thorny one, I would gladly walk through the latter.” (Ahid)

Ahide put his hands together as if praying, and spoke quietly.

“There will be times of excruciating and backbreaking hardships. However, the gods will show us a new path through their words. No matter how many times I break down through their trials, the gods will continue to watch over me. As long as my faith remains, this path of hardships will lead me to my destination.” (Ahid)

“Unfortunately, the final destination for crooks like you has been decided since the dawn of time.” I said to interrupt Ahid’s prayer before flashing a fearless smile at him.

“You’re going to hell.” (Anos)

Unperturbed, Ahid immediately replied with a cool face.

“You seem to be under the mistaken impression that you are superior to the gods just because the Royal Dragon was defeated by the Hero Kanon. However, a divine message is nothing so shallow. As I told you, the gods will show us a new path.” (Ahid)

Ahid gives me a pitying look.

“When dragons appeared in Azesion, you led your subordinates to Gairadite. The Hero Academy battled the dragon swarm that I have unleashed, while your subordinates engaged with our believers underground.” (Ahid)

Ahid smiled calmly, as if to say that everything was within his expectation.

“And bow, you have come to the depths of the earth. Anos Voldigoad, the Demon King of Dilhade. You were supposed to defend your own country. Instead, you came all this way. Without even knowing that you were in fact being drawn here by the hand of god.” (Ahid)

Raising his Pledge Jewel ring, Ahide spoke solemnly.

“Today, the royal capital of your nation will fall. Now deprived of its Demon King, divine punishment will fall upon Midhaze for disobeying the divine message.” (Ahid)

An image was projected on the veil of light falling upon one of the holy seats.

It was displaying the city of Midhaze.

“Now you will see the pain and struggle of your people caused by your own defiance of the gods. This is your punishment. Realize the gravity of your sins and repent.” (Ahid)

Countless clouds of dust awaited outside Midhaze.

The unpleasant sound of dragon cries echoed all around.

Hordes of them were emerging one after another from the earth and rushing toward the city.

The number of dragons that had attacked the Hero Academy was nothing in comparison.

There were more than a thousand of them.

And only a dozen meters away.

The dragons charged toward the walls of Midhaze at full force.

“Farewell, nation of the foolish heretic!” (Ahid)

A violent sound rang out, and the following scene was a sight to behold.

The dragons that had rushed against the defensive wall were flying apart as if their limbs had been torn to shreds.

“…! Imp-…!” (Ahid)

He almost screamed “Impossible”, then kept his mouth shut as if to correct himself.

But the look on his face was one of disbelief.

Standing in front of the barrier was the Demon King’s army, fully armed and ready to go.

“All troops, charge. It’s been a long time since I’ve hunted dragons. Show these unintelligent vermin who are in charge on the surface.” (Nigitt)

Nigitt’s troops flew through the air, wielding their demon swords and cutting off the heads of the dragons one after another.

“Ready your <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar Jio Graze> spells!” (Devidra)

Devidra’s troops drew a magic circle one after another.

“Fire at once!” (Devidra)

As the dragons rushed to the surface, the jet-black suns hit them one after another, burning them to ashes with ease.

Unable to withstand them, the dragons fled into the sky.

However, Rouche’s troops were already waiting for them there.

“Ready your <Wind Extermination Riga Shreyd> spell. Wipe them out!” (Rouche).

A raging storm of wind blades tore the wings of the airborne dragons apart, causing them to fall to the ground.

The dragon swarm, numbering in the thousands, was quickly reduced to half its number, as if they had been wiped out at once.

As Ahid stared at the scene in dismay, I gave him an explanation.

“You see, there was some fool who approached the Royalists with a proposal to attack Midhaze with dragons. Apparently, he told them that if they could dig an underground path near the ramparts so that the Demon King’s army wouldn’t notice, he would release the dragons there.” (Anos)

Ahid’s eyes widened in shock.

“What are you so surprised about? You didn’t really think my men would struggle against a mere pack of overgrown lizards, did you?” (Anos)

“…But the Royalists were supposed to harbor a grudge against the Demon King…” (Ahid)

Those words slipped out of Ahid’s mouth.

“If that was also a divine message, then it’s completely off the mark. The Royalist Faction is now a reformatory for those who harbor grudges against the Demon King.” (Anos)

I had Zelceas pretend to be in on Ahid’s plan to divert all provided intel to the Demon King’s army. It was also a good opportunity to get rid of a large number of dragons, so I let him proceed with it instead of preventing it.

“Still, although it appears that your preference for the thorny path is genuine, that god of yours sure has a penchant for forcing hardships on you.” (Anos)

Ahid closed his eyes and shook his head right and left as if to calm himself.

“…Oh, how could this be?” he said, as if in lamentation.

“Oh, how foolish of you. Why would you destroy the messengers of the gods and increase your own suffering…?” (Ahid)

“Even for a sore loser like you, that’s a boring comeback.” (Anos)

“I have told you that divine messages are not as shallow as you think they are. You think that by confronting me here, you are preventing the power of my Selection God, Arcana, from reaching others. And that was your first real mistake.” (Ahid)

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