The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 1674: At The Limit

Later, the Sealed Dragon Domain self-destructed, resulting in severe casualties and deaths for everyone involved. However, only Lu Xuyang remained completely unharmed. He even found Qi Shan, who was gravely injured and on the brink of death.

When Qishan saw Lu Xuyang, he asked Lu Xuyang in a horse voice to save him.

However, the response he received was a sinister smile from Lu Xuyang. Then, Lu Xuyang drained all of Qi Shan’s cultivation in one breath.

Later, the war at the peak of Cang Mountain was earth-shattering, causing everything to tremble. However, Lu Xuyang remained patiently hidden in a corner, waiting for the best opportunity.

When he saw the terrifying power Xi Yue displayed, which made everything overgrown, commanded the beasts, and controlled thousands of insects and ants, he was both shocked and terrified.

A mere cultivator in the Gold Core Stage had astonishingly leaped across three levels and personally killed someone in the Void Darkness Stage.

When Silver Fox was devoured by insects and ants, Lu Xuyang couldn’t help but shudder. He realized that if he were in the same situation under Xi Yue’s onslaught, he too would have no power to fight back.

After the fear subsided, Lu Xuyang was thrilled.

That’s the wood source! This is the treasure that makes all martial artists go crazy!

It was because Xi Yue possessed such a precious treasure that she became so terrifying and powerful, which made him envious to the point where his eyes turned red with jealousy.

After the Silver Fox died, Xi Yue collapsed to the ground, crying heartbreakingly. Moreover, the spiritual power and the essence of the wood element on her body completely dissipated.

At this moment, Lu Xuyang knew that his opportunity had come.

He looked up to the sky with his mouth opened wide. A fanatical smile crept on his face, feeling as if even the heavens were favoring him.

The wood source is destined to be mine!

Hearing Little Red Bird’s alert, Hexi immediately turned around. What confronted her immediately was a strong suction force, intending to absorb all the power in her body.

Hexi wielded the Li Shui Sword and activated her spiritual power. Unfortunately, the Li Shui Sword only buzzed for a brief while before its light dimmed down.

Her spiritual power had been completely exhausted in the previous battle.

Lu Xuyang’s hand was reaching out to Hexi. His cultivation had greatly improved. As long as he touched a person’s body, he could absorb the target’s spiritual power and fundamental essence.

Suddenly, a purple light passed through, and the purple vines penetrated into Lu Xuyang’s palm,

Ugh—” Lu Xuyang grunted, a fierce look flashing in his eyes, as he slashed with the blade in his other hand.

The purple vines were cut off instantly and fell to the ground.

Lu Xuyang, looking at the withered purple vine, laughed loudly, “Xi Yue, you must be at the end of your spiritual power now, right? Otherwise, this Purple Abyss Vine wouldn’t have failed to withstand even a simple attack from me.”

The wood source was not afraid of even Silver Fox’s strongest attack during the Overgrow state.

Hahaha, the heavens are truly helping me! Now at the peak of Cang Mountain, there are only the two of us. No one else will come to save you, and you no longer have the ability to fight back. Your wood essence is destined to be mine!”

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll obediently submit to me and let me devour your wood essence. Otherwise, don’t blame me for first chopping off your limbs before slowly savoring the sweetness of the wood essence!”

Hexi held the Li Shui Sword and backed away slowly. A cold yet crazed smile crept on her face, “Lu Xuyang, rest assured. Even if I have to die, I will make sure to drag you to hell with me.”

She retreated backward to the edge of a precipice, on the peak of Cang Mountain, atop a solitary cliff.

Chapter 1674: At The Limit
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