Chapter 510

In this deep winter, the ground outside was as cold as ice, and kneeling for an hour might freeze her knees!

After marrying the emperor, Noble Consort Liu was supported by her aunt, Empress Dowager Liu, and had never been punished so this was the first time Empress Dowager Liu had punished her, immediately paling her face.


Gu Jing wanted to plead for Noble Consort Liu, but Empress Dowager Liu was annoyed by the mother and son. She waved her hand and sent them away, “Noble Consort Liu, Gu Jing, you two go out.”

“The emperor has the final say on what happens in the court.”

Empress Dowager Liu’s tone was very firm and Gu Jing could not say anything more. He was also afraid of making Empress Dowager even more unhappy, and instead pushed her completely towards Empress Wei and Gu Zhen.

“Yes, Grandmother.” Gu Jing stood up and bowed, giving Consort Liu a comforting look, meaning that she had been wronged this time.

Consort Liu felt a chill in her heart. She hoped that her son could intercede for her. She closed her eyes and could only bend her knees and step back.

The moment when Gu Jing turned around, his expression suddenly changed. He was no longer the gentle and kind prince, and turned into a gloomy expression. A palace maid next to him caught a glimpse and was startled. She quickly lowered her head and dared not look at Gu Jing again.

Noble Consort Liu knelt for an hour outside the Shouning Palace and was finally carried back by the palace attendants with a sedan chair after.

Noble Consort Liu and Empress Wei came to Shouning Palace one after another, but in the end, Consort Liu was punished by Empress Dowager to kneel. Although the people in the palace did not know what had happened in Shouning Palace, at least it could be seen that Empress Dowager Liu was on Empress Wei’s side.

In the next few days, so many pairs of eyes in the palace were looking at Fengluan Palace, they saw the emperor staying in Fengluan Palace as usual every day, and with this, they knew where the emperor’s will was. Only then did the ripple that appeared in the back palace calm down; on the contrary, the court was filled with a storm.

Lord Chengen once again voiced out to impeach Empress Wei in the morning court with righteous words and asked the emperor to report it to the court for handling. And that he should not be partial just because Lord Wei was the empress’s biological father; such injustice would make the courtiers and the common people disappointed.

However, the emperor once again suppressed the impeachment.

In addition to Lord Chengen, several courtiers followed suit and accused Lord Wei of colluding with Wang Yu. However, most courtiers held neutral attitudes and watched them without commenting. The morning court had a lot of commotion surrounding this incident for several days, delaying the affairs that needed to be discussed first.

After three days of chaos, the early court on the tenth day of the Lunar New Year ended, with the emperor brushing his sleeves and leaving.

The emperor left, and this morning, the court naturally dispersed. The courtiers bowed and bid farewell to the emperor. Afterward, their eyes all turned to Lord Chengen with different expressions, including examination, speculation, contemplation, and wandering.

Regarding this, Lord Chengen remained calm and composed as he walked out of the Golden Luan Hall, his eyes deep and complex.

He strode forward with a clear goal towards the palace gate, but his heart did not show such calmness.


Chapter 510
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