Swallowed Star
Chapter 1

The azure sky seemed like a gigantic blue emerald, the midsummer sun seemed like a huge fireball, hung on the top of this huge emerald. Using the sun’s position, one could estimate it was around 3 PM.

Zhi-An region’s 3rd high school.


As the loud bell spread across the entire campus, the campus suddenly arose with commotion and ruckus. Each building poured with students, laughing in groups towards the school gate.

“Luo Feng brother! Luo Feng brother*!” a thick voice said.

*This brother is one used in respect (not blood related kind)

“Feng, someone’s calling for you”

In the midst of the group of students, a teenager who was holding a bookmark walked along with the students. He was wearing a regular blue sports uniform and was around 175 cm, and was a bit skinny. At this time, he hesitantly turned his head. The person calling for him was a guy around 190 cm with tiger-like shoulders and a bear-like waist. His biceps were even more brawny and astonishing.

“You are?” Luo Feng hesitantly watched his approach, not recognizing who was in front of him.

These two people: one sturdy and like a brown bear, while “Luo Feng Brother” was like a regular person.

And height…

The difference was immensely large. However, this broad shouldered, large waisted guy, seemed to display formality. He carefully looked at the “Luo Feng Brother” he admired.

“Looks like the rumors were right. Luo Feng brother is quite easy to talk to.”

“Luo Feng brother, I… I have something that I need Luo Feng brother’s help with.”

“With what?” Luo Feng laughed.

“While I was training my fists, I felt like there was something wrong when I punched. I was wondering if brother had any time to give me any pointers.”

The burly guy continued,

“According to the dojo teacher, with my strength, I should be able to release a punch that is over 50% in power. However, I can never reach that value at all.”

The burly guy looked expectantly at Luo Feng.

“Oh… I see.” Luo feng paused for a moment, nodding his head.

“Okay, this Friday during noon, find me at the dojo.”

“Thank you brother. Thank you brother” The burly guy repeatedly thanked.

Luo Feng laughed a bit and then left with his friends.

Seeing that Luo Feng has left, the burly guy displayed his excitement. He clenched his fist, and as his bicep’s veins were bursting, excitedly shouted out:


“Wow! Luo Feng brother agreed that easily?!” A boy wearing a school uniform exclaimed.

“The rumors are indeed true; Luo Feng brother is easy to talk to and is a good person” The burly guy grinned.

“But…. that’s not right. In our 3rd high school*, in the 5000 students, only three are able to achieve the title of “Martial Arts Elite Student”. In those three students, the other two are ‘Zhang Hao Bai’ and ‘Liu Ting’, but they are too prideful and aren’t willing to use their time to guide us.” The boy wearing the school uniform said doubtfully.

“But Luo Feng brother is this kind?”

*3rd is just the number of the high school, not their ranking or any of the sort.

At this moment, around the entire world in each country’s region, virtually every high school student, while receiving a basic education, joins a martial arts dojo to unleash the power sleeping within every human.

Zhi-An region’s 3rd high school, with three grades and around 5000 high school students.

For the most part, are all beginners in the dojo! Only an extremely small amount are “intermediate members”. And only three can achieve the title of “Elite member”!

“Seeing is believing. Heh heh. See that? Luo Feng brother is different from the other two.” The burly guy curled his lips.

“Zhang Hao Bai and Liu Ting, their families are all filled with wealthy people. Ever since they were young, their families spent an enormous amount of money to raise and train them, which is why they are so strong now. However, Luo Feng is completely different from them!”

The boy wearing the school uniform nodded in agreement. “I also heard that Luo Feng brother’s has a regular background. He even lives in a low rent house.”

“Yes, for Luo Feng brother to get to where he is today, was entirely out of bitter training. Relying on his fists and feet to train. Totally different from Zhang Hao Bai and Liu Ting.”

The burly guy clenched his fist and took a deep breath. “My goal is Luo Feng brother, and before I graduate from college, within these four years, I will pass the dojo’s test and achieve the rank of “Elite member”!”.


At this moment, the Luo Feng brother they are talking about is just following the stream of people headed towards the third gate with another boy in a sports uniform.

“Feng, when that big blockhead who was asking you for tips walked away, he was praising you.” The boy wearing the sports uniform started laughing.

“Praising what a great person you are and how you’re so easy to talk to.”

Luo Feng laughed. “What, you jealous, Wei Wen?”

“Jealous of you?” Wei Wen touched his nose and laughed.

“In your dreams. I was sighing that the blockhead doesn’t even know ‘Luo Feng Brother’s’ true side. But I remember in vivid detail… that time on the dojo competition platform, the ‘Luo Feng Brother’ he praises fought three people consecutively. And those three high schoolers couldn’t even climb back up again.”

Luo Feng laughed.

Indeed, that match was his rise to fame.

Luo Feng hit Wei Wen’s shoulder, “Let’s go home now.”

Wei Wen’s shoulder made an exaggerated shake, “Feng, lighter please. With that one hit, my shoulder is about to shatter!”

“This again!”

Wei Wen is Luo Fen’s great friend who has played with him ever since he was small. Even though they aren’t brothers by blood, the feeling is close enough.

Elementary, Middle, High school.

Looking back, these two do indeed share a deep bond.


Wei Wen suddenly looks forward.

“Feng, look, it’s the one you have a crush on!”

“Hm?” Luo Feng also looks, and only sees the ponytailed girl with jeans and a white polo T-shirt out of the entire crowd.

Luo Feng’s heart skips a beat.

A name swept across his heart — Xu Xin!

Luo Feng’s crush on Xu Xin: Those who know of this secret are small in number, but good bro Wei Wen naturally knew ages ago.

During his first year of high school, Luo Feng and Xu Xin were in the same grade. The first time Luo Feng saw Xu Xin, he felt like there was something bright in front of him.

That said, during class time, with Luo Feng sitting in the back, for some reason, cannot control himself: he unknowingly looks towards Xu Xin’s back. Just looking silently.

He is satisfied with just looking at Xu Xin’s back.

Since the classes were scrambled again in the second year, he and Xu Xin weren’t in the same grade anymore. However, every time Luo Feng sees Xu Xin, he cannot keep his eyes off her.

“There is only one month left until exams.” Luo Feng whispered to himself. “I had no courage and no time for romance in the past. In the final month, everyone is frantically reviewing, and Xu Xin wants to better herself. How can she distract herself with romance? It is the same for me, I cannot lose focus, or I will regret it for the rest of my life.”

“Whatever, this love… I’ll just make it a memory.”


Is bitter. The flower hasn’t even bloomed and yet has already withered.

Luo Feng just wants to silently put all of this at the bottom of his heart.

“You had your chance to go after her. Now that there’s only one month left.” Wei Wen shakes his head. “I’m afraid you’ll never see her again. In the future, it’ll be too late to even regret.”

“Wei Wen” Luo Feng shakes his head. “Stop. Without achieving the title of “Fighter”, I will not distract myself with romance.”

“Bro, you’re quite cruel!”

Wei Wen raises his thumb. ” ‘Fighter’ ? In our entire school of 5000 people, not one was able to achieve that rank. You dare say that if you don’t achieve the rank of ‘Fighter’, you won’t “distract yourself with romance?” Cow, you cow!”

“Hm?” Luo Feng glances at a group of five in the crowd outside the gate. “Zhang Hao Bai?”

In the group of students outside the gate, there are five people who are very eye-catching, whose leader is at least 180 cm, wearing a white T-shirt, white and long pants, and huge chest muscles. The four people surrounding him, whether it was brawniness or a scar on their face, were just as fearsome. And that white shirted teenager in Zhi-An section’s 3rd High School is indeed one of the three with the title of “Elite” — Zhang Hao Bai.

“Luo Feng” snorted Zhang Hao Bai.

If you ask Zhang Hao Bai who he hates most in this entire high school, the answer will clearly be Luo Feng!

Since one out of the three who have earned the title of “Elite” is a girl, just the two of those boys are “Elite” title holders!

Also, Zhang Hao Bai comes from a rich background while Luo Feng is just a regular person, living in a cheap, rented home.

In grades– Luo Feng is way ahead of Zhang Hao Bai!

In strength– Both Luo Feng and Zhang Hao Bai have earned the title of “Elite”, but Luo Feng once challenged three high schoolers consecutively and beat them until they couldn’t even get back up. And within these three, one of them was Zhang Hao Bai. He even got a tooth beat out of him that time!

And for conditions at home, clearly Zhang Hao Bai has the money!

A good background, but comparing grades and strength, Luo Feng is far superior. In school, whenever someone compliments Zhang Hao Bai, someone would usually bring up Luo Feng to compare!


The resentment that Zhang Hao Bai holds toward Luo Feng is great.

“Let’s go” Zhang Hao Bai licked his tooth, which had a faint sense of pain. That time he was beat until his mouth was full of blood and lost a tooth.

“This Zhang Hao Bai, ever since that time in the dojo, is much more well behaved after receiving a beating. He won’t ever mess with you again.” Wei Wen said towards Luo Feng as he watched the group of five get farther and farther.

Zhang Hao Bai?

Luo Feng has never concerned himself with such a person.

“I would rather deal with less than more” said Luo Feng as he walked home with Wei Wen.

On the way home.

[drip, drip] on the street. The car’s horn sounded. As of now, all the cars use electric energy, so at least there will be no smell of gasoline on the street.

“Wei Wen, there is one more month until the exam. During this month, let’s put forth our best effort.” Luo Feng and Wei Wen walked on the street.

“At that dojo there, we can relax temporarily. Do some restorative training every day, while mainly concentrating on culture studies. Our twelve years of work were for this exam.”

“Yea, twelve years of culture studies. This exam determines our fate.” Wei Wen also sighed. “Exams, Exams. Just like an army of ten thousand horses crossing a wooden bridge*”

*AKA pain in the neck

“Yup.” Luo Feng nodded.

His home conditions aren’t very good, even though he has the title of “Elite”. No matter how poor his culture grade is, he can always get a job of “Elite Bodyguard” and easily earn a yearly salary of 20 to 30 thousand dollars. However, will Luo Feng be satisfied with just a job of being a bodyguard?


At this time, around a thousand meters above Zhi-An region.

A large, black-crowned golden eagle was flying past the city. It’s body was around twenty meters long, like a huge fighter jet, the feathers of its body had a cold, metallic luster; the feathers on its head were a secluded black, like a black crown. Its huge talons were also golden.

A pair of sharp, blue, glowing eyes looked down upon the human city, hiding a sliver of killing intent.


The black-crowned golden eagle, who was already flying super fast, suddenly increased its speed exponentially, breaking through the sound barrier within a moment, reaching an appalling speed. At the same time, an extremely high pitched sound erupted from within the mouth of the eagle. The frightening shockwave, which could be seen to the naked eye, spread rapidly downwards.

At Zhi-An’s region’s Zi-Tian road’s intersection, Luo Feng was waiting for the red light with Wei Wen.



An ear piercing howl suddenly arose, but this was not quite so like thunder. Thunder’s sound is great and deafening. But this sound was ear piercing, Luo Feng felt a slight pain in his ear drums, with some wrinkles of uncomfort arising on his forehead. Many people on the street were already covering their ears.

“That’s the cry of a bird.” said Luo Feng as looked up towards the sky.

“Hm?” surprised Luo Feng.

Under the shock of the ear piercing howl, a huge piece of glass in a skyscraper on the neighboring street let out a deep [KA~~~ KA~~~] sound.

Lots of glass cracked open, and dozens of glass fell from the high sky. Some smashed against the pedestrian path, or hit people, or even smashed against the lights on the street.

[PAI!] [PENG!] [PIPA (crackling noises)!] …..

There were bursting noises for a while.

And one of the glass fell against a streetlight that was right next to Luo Feng.

“Wah!” Wei Wen rapidly stepped back two steps, dodging a piece of shattered glass.

And one of the glass shattered against the ground and a piece was flying straight towards Luo Feng like a knife.

“Hm?” Luo Feng saw out of the corner of his eye.

However, there was no dodging. He just stood there calmly. In an instant, his right hand, like lightning, caught the piece of glass that was flying towards him.

The piece of glass reflected Luo Feng’s look. He tapped it twice and then randomly threw it. Like a hidden weapon, the piece of glass flew straight towards a far away trash can and accurately went inside the opening.

On the street, the cars that were affected at first quickly went back to normal. And the people on the street were having a discussion. Some unfortunate ones were injured, but most of them had no injury at all.

“What strength.” Luo Feng looked towards the sky.

“So much power in just one howl. It must’ve been a powerful beast. Wei Wen, weren’t you good with beasts? Do you know what kind of beast this is?”

Wei Wen squinted; a light of excitement was within in the slit of his eyes.

“Feng, there is a defense system 500 meters above this city. This beast was definitely flying above 500 meters. Even with such distance, it’s howl could still have so much power. And regular beasts wouldn’t even dare howl above a human city!”

“With such strength and arrogance, and according to the sound… If I’m correct, this should be one of the terrifying “black crowned eagles!” said Wei Wen solemnly.

“Black crowned eagle?” Luo Feng’s eyes flashed.

Of course he has heard of the infamous black crowned eagle.

“The black crowned eagle is ranked three out of the Diao species monsters.” Wei Wen’s eyes shined.

“A grown black crowned eagle’s body is around 21 meters in length. Its wingspan is around 36 meters and its flight speed could reach up to 3.9 mach, which is 3.9 times the speed of sound. Using 340 m/s as the speed of sound, that is 1326 meters per second, which is 4774 kilometers in an hour.”

Luo Feng knew that the black crowned eagle was powerful, but once he heard the extreme speed of 1326 m/s, he held his breath.

One second, which is just one blink, and it’s already a thousand meters away.

“The black crowned eagle’s feathers are even harder than diamond. It probably is as tough as a third-grade Ke Lei alloy.” Wei Wen excitedly added.

“There are videos online. The black crowned eagle has followed hordes and met armies. It has received fire from a 20mm fire-god cannon. A fire-god cannon could shoot 7000 bullets per second. 7000 bullets per second is a stream of bullets! And each bullet could pierce through a 50mm thick steel plate. However… even under the fire-god cannon’s barrage, the barrage couldn’t even hit one feather off of the black crowned eagle.”

“After that, a mysterious martial artist, holding a Ke Lei alloy battle knife, made a stream of light and cut the black crowned eagle in half!” Wei Wen passionately said.

Luo Feng’s heart was also beating faster.

That video was spread around all over the place, so he has seen it too.

“The title of fighter, I will definitely achieve it some day… I want to become like that senior*, able to hold a battle knife and cut open monsters like the black crowned eagle and the powerful devil gorilla.” Luo Feng thought to himself in his heart. Every teenager has this dream, so of course it is Luo Feng’s dream too!

*Senior like upperclassman not old man.

However, according to the internet, that mysterious powerful fighter who cut the black crowned eagle in half, is internationally in the top 100; a super fighter!

“Feng, Feng, what are you doing? We’re already home” Wei Wen shouted.

From this, Luo Feng emerged from his deep thought, looking at the sector made up of a lot of tube-shaped buildings. –Small South Coast sector һ The government built this small, cheap rental area. And Luo Feng has been living in this area for 18 years.

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