The students, oblivious to Yi-Han's feelings, lined up in front of the magic circle connected to the spirit realm.

Professor Millei advised, "It would be best to enter in groups of five."

Despite the safety mechanisms of the magic circle, it was perilous for first-year students to explore a strange otherworld alone. It was safer to go together.

"But Professor," one student interjected, "is Wardanaz going in alone?"

Yi-Han was torn between gratitude and annoyance at the Black Tortoise student who had mentioned him. Going in alone didn't bother him much, but the mention made the atmosphere awkward.

"Students unsuited for the undead realm will gain nothing by entering," Professor Millei said.

"But there are other students learning dark magic."

At this, Professor Millei's eyes sparkled. "Is that so? Who might they be?"

Silence fell.

Gainando and Raphael Gral raised their hands with expressions suggesting they wanted to strangle the Black Tortoise student who had spoken up.

Professor Millei declared, "You two, enter the undead realm."



"Nice to see you," Yi-Han greeted.

"Drats..." Raphael Gral muttered through gritted teeth.

The prospect of entering the dark, evil magic-filled undead realm instead of the fresh and beautiful spirit realm was frustrating. The resentment towards dark magic, which brought no good to life, resurfaced.

"Yi-Han, can't I go to the spirit realm?" Gainando pleaded.

"To me, you seem better suited for the undead than spirits."

"But... it's worth trying..."

"Let's all go in."

"Can't you put your hand down?"

Yi-Han pushed his friends' backs, not wanting to miss the chance to not send them to the spirit realm.

The undead realm resembled Professor Mortum's workshop and the surroundings of <Darkness Chamber>, filled with negative and dark magic attributes. The landscape was dark and gloomy, dotted with ownerless graveyards and rivers of boiling black mud instead of water. Gainando seemed to have changed his mind.

"Yi-Han, which undead should I choose? Can you recommend one?"

"All undead are trash," Raphael Gral interrupted.

"Don't be like that, Raphael. We're in this together," Gainando responded with a smile to Raphael's insult.

‘Did I just hear an adult-like response from him?’

While Yi-Han was surprised, Gainando whispered, "Let's ditch him at the graveyard and move on our own."

"I can hear that, you sneaky rat!"


"Stop it, both of you. Raphael, since we're together, we should cooperate."

"Why should I..."

Yi-Han quickly extended his staff, cutting off Raphael before he could react.

"…I suppose cooperation is necessary."

Grinding his teeth, Raphael reluctantly agreed. Yi-Han spoke kindly and gently, "Thank you for understanding. Now, lead the way."

"Why me?!"

"You're the knight."

"You are the knight!"

Raphael was dumbfounded by the shameless words of the two Blue Dragon students. Of course, traditionally, knights or warriors led the party's vanguard.

The issue was...

"Wardanaz! You're better at swordsmanship than I am!"

"Oh... to hear such lame words..."

Gainando was astonished. To him, Raphael's refusal to lead seemed like nothing but a lame excuse.

What kind of absurdity was this?

"Shut up! Prince! Do you know how well that guy wields a sword?"

"I need to use a staff in this expedition. You take the lead."



Yi-Han's voice grew cold, imbued with an undeniable authority.

Raphael Gral grumbled and turned away, swearing to himself that if he ever had to face Wardanaz, he would bring at least four friends to join him.

"Everyone knows the basics, right?"

"Of course."

"I didn't hear them."

Yi-Han and Raphael Gral looked at Gainando as if he were trash.

"Basically, there's no difference from spirits. Roam around and see if there's anything useful."

Whether wandering in the spirit realm or the undead realm, the method of contracting with beings from other realms was similar. Either call them or find and approach them. Of course, Mages like Yi-Han who either called them or chased them away were exceptions.

"But Yi-Han, the undead are mostly hostile, unlike the spirits, right?"

"That's true."

Raphael Gral, leading the way, twitched his shoulder.

"Don't worry, Raphael. We'll support you from behind."

"Yeah, Raphael. We've got your back."

"...How disgustingly grateful I am."

In the spirit realm, contracts were made through persuasion and charm, whereas in the undead realm, they were more likely to involve strength and combat. Most undead were hostile, attacking until subdued.

'I hope to find a skeleton mage.'

Yi-Han pondered, recalling the names of lower-level undead monsters. Whether it was a skeleton warrior, archer, or mage, contracting any of them was a boon for a novice mage. Especially for a mage, summoning a skeleton warrior as a frontline combatant was highly beneficial.


'If it's a skeleton mage, I could learn magic from it.'

The pursuit of knowledge was also a goal of summoning mages. Powerful beings from other realms often possessed knowledge unknown or forgotten by mages.

Of course, one couldn't expect much from low level undead monsters bound by restrictions, most lacking even the basic ability to communicate.

Still, a skeleton mage was one of the few among lower undead monsters who could use magic. Though it cast spells instinctively, given time, one could learn from it.

'It's always beneficial to learn as much magic as possible, whether mastered fully or not.'

Battling the Rock Drake in the library to find a book on dark magic made Yi-Han appreciate how valuable such an easy learning opportunity was.

"There! I found one!"

Hearing a shout, Yi-Han looked up. A skeleton with a rusty bone sword was charging.

Raphael Gral immediately drew his wooden sword and clashed with the skeleton.

"Where do you think you're going, undead scum!"


It was easy to exploit the swordsmanship of a mindless monster. Raphael twisted the opponent's sword, pushing it aside.


His face lit up with success.

It was fortunate. They had encountered an undead monster not long after entering the undead realm. Perhaps they could subdue and force it into a contract...

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Suddenly, water bullets flew from behind, smashing the skeleton warrior's skull and shattering its arms and legs.

With that, the skeleton warrior could no longer maintain its form and began to disintegrate.


"Oops. That was too strong."

Yi-Han clicked his tongue. The undead that appeared, restricted as they were, proved to be weaker than he had thought. He had launched his attack based on the standard of the skull principal summons, not expecting such a disparity.

"It's okay, Yi-Han. You were just helping Raphael."

"I'm sorry, Raphael. Did you want to contract with that one?"

"...As if! You think I would contract with an undead?"

Raphael Gral turned his head sharply. Yi-Han, puzzled, asked, "Do you mean you don't wan—"

"Let's move on! Find the next one! I have no intention of contracting, but you two need to, so this tedious exploration can end!"

'Setting aside our luck, the dark magic talent of this group seems quite decent.'

After accidentally destroying a skeleton and then encountering two more skeleton warriors, Yi-Han was convinced. Considering Gainando's decent talent in dark magic, it made sense that undead monsters were drawn to them.

"What do you think?"

"...I... just thought they were coming because of you?"

Gainando looked at Yi-Han as if to say, 'What nonsense are you spouting?' It made more sense that they were attracted by Yi-Han, not particularly by Gainando or Raphael Gral.

"...Really? No, it can't just be that. Raphael, what do you think?"

"Don't drag me into your pointless arguments."

Exhaustion was evident on Raphael's face. He had failed to contract with the two skeleton warriors they met next. This time, it wasn't because of Yi-Han but due to Raphael's own issues. The skeleton warriors chose to resist and perish rather than submit.

'Damn it! What's the problem?'

Raphael had decided to learn dark magic to deal with the dark mage. He couldn't overlook a major field like undead summoning.

"Ah, there's another one. Yi-Han, you subdue it this time."

"Isn't Raphael the vanguard?"

"But when he subdues them, they keep resisting. You try."

"...How would it be different if I do it?"

Yi-Han asked, slightly stern. Gainando responded with a frightened look.

"You... you're good at everything, right? You'll subdue it well, won't... you?"

"Ah, I see. I thought you meant they would naturally fear me because I'm from another realm."

'Isn't that right?'

Gainando thought so but kept quiet out of fear.

"Raphael, switch."

"Hmph. As if it'll make a difference if you do it..."

Thud! Bang!


Seeing the skeleton warrior fall and submit after a few hits, Raphael's mouth hung open in shock. It was clear and undeniable submission.

'That... That?!'

"Well done, Yi-Han! Are you going to contract?"

"Hmm. I'm not sure."

Yi-Han fell into thought.

While it wasn't bad to contract with beings from another realm when the opportunity arose, he had hoped for a skeleton mage, which gave him pause. Contracts were not something one could make indefinitely. They affected the mage's own mana and mental strength, and each contract left traces on the mage's soul, making other beings wary and inclined to avoid them.

Moreover, contracting at that moment meant that the other undead in the vicinity would notice and instinctively keep their distance. The strong soul resonance from the area indicated that a mage had subdued and made an undead submit.

Just like in the spirit realm, where finding another spirit became difficult in the vicinity after contracting with one, the same held true for the undead realm.


'This is not the only opportunity. I can always find another one elsewhere.'

Yi-Han nodded to himself.

"Yes, I'll contract."

As soon as he decided, he felt a sensation of intertwining with the skeleton warrior's soul, similar to when he had contracted with Ferkuntra. Of course, he didn't sense anything resembling Ferkuntra's intelligence or strength, but Yi-Han was confident that he could summon this warrior whenever he wished.

"Let's work well together, skeleton warrior."

"Raphael, why do you look like that?"

"...I was just scowling because I dislike undead!"

After Yi-Han completed the contract, Professor Millei's magic circle seemed to detect them and called the trio back.

The students who had returned earlier were shrugging their shoulders in disappointment.

"...I'm telling you, that was definitely a spirit..."

"That was just a leaf. You saw things."

Professor Millei looked puzzled as she saw the three.

"You're back a bit early. Don't tell me you've made a contract?"

"Uh... yes, we have?"


Professor Millei was unusually surprised.

First-year students, and that too in a magic circle with safety mechanisms, had encountered an undead so quickly?

The fact that they had met an undead was even more astonishing than the contract they had made!

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