Reincarnation Paradise
Chapter 773: squadron leader

Only less than 10 minutes had passed since the start of the war, but Su Xiao had already killed dozens of enemies. ∮The #miscellaneous ∝ Zhi ∝ Bugs# Spirit Eaters had already devoured most of them.

As the war continued, there were more and more orcs beside Su Xiao, and the human soldiers were rapidly decreasing, he didn't know how the battle was going, and his only thought was to survive the war.

With Su Xiao's physical attribute, as long as he didn't encounter a tricky and strong enemy, he would have no problem killing the enemy on the battlefield for a day, fighting with a strong enemy was different from killing the enemy on the battlefield, when fighting with a strong enemy, he needed to explode his full strength in a short period of time, that kind of physical consumption was not something that could be compared to hacking and slashing the orcs on the battlefield.

The blade was strewn across, any orc that was close to Su Xiao within a few meters was going to die, as for the enemies that were farther away, he didn't pay attention to them, he had summoned the mirror image of a strong man in the trial field, and the other party had told him how to survive in the battlefield, don't mess with the enemies that are far away, and the primary goal is to kill all the enemies that are nearby, and you can also load the bodies at critical moments.


The sound of a rapid breaking wind came from above, the beasts beside Su Xiao all stopped their hands and looked at the top of their heads.

"Bargakakkou, imara (Orcish: Elven rain of arrows, run)."

The nearby orcs were so scared that even their old home dialect exploded out of their mouths, so it could be seen how dense all the arrow rain in the air was.

Su Xiao looked at the rapidly falling rain of arrows, he didn't even see where the arrows looked like, and he could only see a black pressurized large swath of arrows, like a layer of dark clouds covering down.

A 50 point strength energy shield was formed above Su Xiao's head.

Ding Ding Ding ...

The rain of arrows landed, and the durability of the energy shield rapidly decreased.

When the rain of arrows stopped, Su Xiao withdrew his energy shield, and his neighborhood was filled with orcs, dwarves, and even human soldiers who had been shot into hedgehogs.


Another sound of breaking wind came, a black ball with a diameter of about one meter flew from the back of the horde, the black ball fell in a parabola and landed a few hundred away from Su Xiao.


The explosion was deafening, large pieces of metal flew, and those soldiers who were lucky enough to survive the rain of arrows were beaten into sieves.

Su Xiao waved the Dragon Slashing Flash, the metal fragments that attacked him were chopped away one by one, as he looked around, there were no other living creatures within a 300 meter radius except for him, the human tide was emptied by the rain of arrows + goblin shells.

Although a small piece was emptied, but this was a battlefield of hundreds of thousands of creatures scale, only after less than a minute, Su Xiao's vicinity was again full of orcs, human soldiers or elves.

A bunch of flames were ignited on the battlefield, black smoke reflected the battlefield like an inferno, and the corpses emitted an unpleasant charred odor after being burned.

After Su Xiao twisted the throat of an orc and swung his sword to kill another orc, his Spirit Eater talent devoured 200 mana points, and the effect of life and mana recovered from killing enemies increased by 50%.

Being in the chaotic battlefield, Su Xiao did not even have a moment to catch his breath, but fortunately, the Dragon Slash was sharp enough to slice through the enemy's body as easily as cutting through paper, which greatly reduced his stamina consumption.

At some point, there were no more human soldiers or elves beside Su Xiao, but orcs or dwarves as far as the eye could see.

The Dragon Slashing Flash left light golden chopping marks in the air, and one Orc or Dwarf was killed, in less than a few minutes, the ground near Su Xiao was already covered with corpses.

The battlefield could make people crazy, those orcs or dwarves did not care about the killing Su Xiao, and they rushed forward one after another.

Su Xiao was not afraid in the slightest, with the recovery effect of the Spirit Eater after killing the enemy, his mana was worth to the renewal.

Counterattack shields emerged around Su Xiao, just as the counterattack shields were formed, their appearance began to change, the original hexagonal counterattack shields turned into a handless energy blade.

Su Xiao held these dozens of energy blades in his hands, and the boundary break line wrapped around the energy blades, at the same time disengaging the connection between these energy blades and him, so that these energy blades were able to detach themselves from Su Xiao's range of one meter, but they were only able to exist for one minute.

Su Xiao threw out the energy knife blades in his hand, these energy knife blades formed a fan shaped knife net under the entanglement of the boundary breaking thread, wherever they passed, the orcs were cut off.

After the fan-shaped blade net flew out more than ten meters away, Su Xiao pulled the boundary breaking thread, and the fan-shaped blade net contracted and returned to his hand.

As dozens of weapons on Su Xiao's left and right sides and behind him slashed or stabbed, he let go of the energy blade in his hand and at the same time lifted the Boundary Break Line on it.

The energy blades floated in mid-air, neatly arranged around Su Xiao and then rotated at high speed, like a cutting saw blade.

Pfft, pfft, pfft...

Broken limbs splashed and blood gushed wildly, as the energy blade spread around, the enemies near him were cut down.

In just these short ten seconds or so, Su Xiao had killed at least hundreds of enemies, and even so, the enemies around him were still endless.

Su Xiao sheathed his Dragon Slash and silently waited for the enemies around him to come closer, when a new wave of enemies rushed towards him, the Dragon Slash was sheathed.


The light blue circular shaped blade aura spread rapidly around, this was the ring break, the new batch of gathered enemies were instantly cleared, Su Xiao then had time to catch his breath.

At the rear of the Imperial Army, Legion Commander Carlos stood at a high point, observing the entire battlefield.

"Who is that?"

Carlos pointed at Su Xiao, who was a kilometer away, and at this moment, Su Xiao was surrounded by piles of enemy corpses.

"Reporting to the Legion Commander, my subordinates don't know, that might be a new recruit."

"New recruits?"

Carlos was quite surprised.

"So brave, if he survives until morning, promote him to squad leader."


The adjutant silently memorized Su Xiao's appearance.

"It seems that the tribe has grown a long memory, no need for the troll tribe to take the lead, pass the order to the elf tribe, the arrow rain continues, let the soldiers on the left and right flanks encircle forward ..."

Carlos began to set up the battle formation, the war was only just beginning now.

Swinging his sword, killing the enemy, Su Xiao had already forgotten how many enemies he had decapitated, a conservative estimate was a few hundred.

An hour after the war started, Su Xiao finally saw human soldiers nearby, which showed that his side had some advantage.

The blade chopped out, an orc's head fell, and the headless corpse's movement of raising the blade stopped, the human soldier who was paralyzed on the ground in front of the corpse breathed a sigh of relief.

This soldier was in his late teens or so, his face was still a bit tender, he looked in Su Xiao's direction and froze when he saw the large body.

The young soldier nodded the hilt of his sword to his chest and nodded his head at Su Xiao, which meant he owed Su Xiao his life.

Right at this moment, two curved swords and a war hammer came at the young soldier, the sound of chopping meat and whacking sounds connected together, three seconds later, the young soldier turned into a pile of rotten meat.

This scene fell into Su Xiao's eyes, he did not have any emotional fluctuations, he had already witnessed this situation more than once.

The battlefield was a grinding wheel of flesh and blood, mixing both sides of the battle and stirring them together, and in the end, the one who survived was the winner.

Su Xiao had thought that this was a somewhat exaggerated description, but now it seemed that this description was far from the cruelty of the battlefield.

If one word was used to describe this place, it would be a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

Although Su Xiao had already killed hundreds of enemies, he was not affected by the killing intent, on the contrary, the more he killed the enemies, the stronger his beliefs became, which was a firm will that was gradually honed in iron and blood.

Chapter 773: squadron leader
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