Nine Star Hegemon Body Art (WN)
Chapter 4584: Emperor Power

Seeing this scene, Long Chen was startled. With swift movements, he slashed his saber five times in succession. As he executed the fifth slash, the power of all five strikes converged into a single devastating blow.

“Split the Heavens 5!”


A deafening explosion reverberated as Long Chen’s saber collided fiercely with Netherdragon Tianzhao’s spear. The clash of these two formidable divine weapons unleashed a blinding explosion of divine light.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Nest trembled violently as wild power surged through it, causing cracks like spiderwebs to spread across its structure.

The explosive impact blew both Long Chen and Netherdragon Tianzhao back this time. Long Chen staggered, nearly coughing up blood, his eyes reflecting a mix of astonishment and disbelief.

Netherdragon Tianzhao declared, “Do you feel my power? I’ve long since transformed. I am the son of the heavens, and once I absorb the ancestral scale’s power, my power will multiply a hundredfold. The only pity is that you won’t live to see that day!”

Netherdragon Tianzhao attacked again, his spear rumbling. Every black scale on the spear was like an erupting volcano that unleashed apocalyptic power.

Facing the relentless assault of Netherdragon Tianzhao, Long Chen let out a thunderous roar and launched another fierce attack with his saber. The weapon shimmered with starlight as the two of them exchanged three consecutive blows, each strike more ferocious than the last.

The walls made of dragon bones couldn’t withstand the relentless exchanges and continued to shatter with every impact.

Hiding in the channels, the Netherdragon experts endured the residual power from the intense clashes. The weaker ones among them suffered from bleeding eyes, ears, and noses, overwhelmed by the heavy pressure.


With a resounding boom, one of the walls in the hall collapsed, smashing toward Long Chen and Netherdragon Tianzhao. Reacting swiftly, the two dodged the incoming debris, which crashed to the ground and formed a gaping hole.

The walls and ground here were tougher than immortal metal. When the onlookers looked at the fallen fragment, they were shocked to find that it was actually a complete dragon head.


Despite being forced back by the falling dragon head, Long Chen and Netherdragon Tianzhao roared at the same time and clashed in the air. A huge spear-image and saber-image collided with tremendous force, their clash echoing through the surroundings.


The dragon head exploded upon impact, causing a giant crystal core to burst through the walls, leaving a large hole. This was a rarely seen dragon core, a condensation of the dragon’s power. Its value was second only to a reverse scale.

Long Chen and Netherdragon Tianzhao moved at the same time, reaching out with giant dragon claws toward the hole. While the dragon core held immense value to both of them, it was particularly precious to Netherdragon Tianzhao.

When two dragon claws grabbed the dragon core, two deafening roars echoed through the air.


The colossal dragon core could not withstand the immense power exerted by both Long Chen and Netherdragon Tianzhao. It exploded with a tremendous force, shattering half of the Ten Thousand Dragon Nest into pieces.

Facing the shockwave, the experts of the Netherdragon race vomited blood, unable to endure it.

“Die!” shouted Netherdragon Tianzhao.

When Long Chen destroyed the dragon core that should have been his, it fueled Netherdragon Tianzhao’s anger even further. His dragon spear then surged forward in a barrage of countless spear-images that filled the air.

“You destroyed my treasure! How dare you?!” Long Chen roared. If he had obtained that dragon core and tossed it into the black soil, he could have gotten so much life energy. But it was wasted just like this.

Hearing Long Chen’s retort, Netherdragon Tianzhao almost coughed up blood. Everything here was his, so how did it become Long Chen’s?

The dragon spear danced, meeting the swift strikes of the blood-colored saber. Black qi raged as stars spun around them. As this was their second clash, there was no need for any probing blows; they directly started at full power.


They exchanged hundreds of blows at once. Suddenly, Long Chen quivered and was sent flying backward.

Long Chen’s expression changed as he inspected his blood-colored saber. To his dismay, he found a peanut-sized nick in it. The dragon spear had managed to damage his saber.

Long Chen felt a surge of aggrievement. This was the only divine weapon that could barely endure his astral energy. Now that it was damaged, it was essentially worthless.

Even though it was just a small nick, it signified that it couldn’t endure his astral energy anymore.

“An ordinary weapon dares to challenge an ancestral dragon’s tooth? How laughable. Had I subdued the ancestral scale and activated its divine runes, do you think this broken saber would be able to withstand a single blow from me?” sneered Netherdragon Tianzhao upon seeing the nick on Long Chen’s saber.

Netherdragon Tianzhao grinned at Long Chen’s infuriated expression. “Are you angry? Afraid? No, this is just the beginning. Now, I’ll show you the vast difference between us. I’ll return everything you’ve owed me a thousandfold! Hahaha!”

Netherdragon Tianzhao raised his head and laughed, consumed by hatred. His previous defeat at Long Chen’s hands had driven him to sacrifice himself to the Nether Emperor. Although he had survived, the excruciating pain he had endured was beyond imagination. It was his burning desire for revenge that fueled his perseverance.

“Take out your Heaven Earth Cauldron. I’ll show you how I’ll personally smash it.” Netherdragon Tianzhao pointed his dragon spear at Long Chen arrogantly.

Long Chen then dragged his gaze away from his saber. Eyeing Netherdragon Tianzhao, he disdainfully said, “Someone as stupid as you shouldn’t play such childish games with me. If that bronze cauldron I had really was the Heaven Earth Cauldron, that broken spear of yours would be nothing. You’ve repeatedly taunted me into taking out my cauldron simply because you have a trap set up and want to take it.”

The fact that Netherdragon Tianzhao had taunted him twice to take out the Heaven Earth Cauldron immediately made Long Chen suspicious. His goal was obvious.

“Then you can just die!”

Netherdragon Tianzhao’s smile vanished, replaced with ferocity.

“Great Nether Emperor, hear your son’s call! Bestow me my Emperor power!”

Netherdragon Tianzhao pressed his hands together, praying to the void. The entire Ten Thousand Dragon Nest trembled violently as an eerie power enveloped it. In an instant, Netherdragon Tianzhao’s aura underwent a profound transformation, as if he had been possessed by the soul of a divine emperor.

Long Chen’s pupils shrank to the size of pinpoints as he saw another person’s figure overlaid upon Netherdragon Tianzhao. The sight sent his astral energy into a frenzy, spiraling out of control.

Chapter 4584: Emperor Power
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