Necromancer Survival
Chapter 398

“…Fuck!” Moon Issak immediately retreated, a short curse spilling from his lips. The mysterious, unidentified red liquid only spilled so much as to reach the place where the investigator had been before evaporating quickly.

However, Dawon-ie’s appearance remained unusual.

Dawon’s wrists were still bound, but the shackles were floating…as if he had ‘ripped’ the shackles from its grounding links completely. The same was true of the shackles grounding his ankles. Dawon-ie still remained floating, except in the air rather than liquid.

Meanwhile, still feeling a bit flustered, Moon Issak immediately swung his summoned rod at Dawon. “Die!”


However, before the staff could reach Dawon, the air near the Mage’s body began to distort, accompanied by a strange reverberation.


The staff bounced back as if it had met a strong, repulsive force.

Due to the strength of the recoil, Moon Issak’s grip must have become slightly numb. He adjusted his grip, grit his teeth, and shouted, “[Angelica]!”

Beautiful lines of light were drawn, one by one, behind Moon Issak’s back. In addition, his huge body shrunk, returning to a size similar to when I first met him.

During this transformation, a halo-like glow continued to emanate from behind Moon Isaac. Moreover, the flowing light now took the form of giant wings, moving deftly at his back.

At that moment, Moon Issak’s feet lifted off the ground and hovered in the air.

[The Goddess’s warrior, after being bestowed her blessed name and being recognized as ‘Apostle,’ has released his power.]

The system message spouted something incomprehensible, and I, feeling a bit threatened, stepped back.

Moon Issak’s aura was unusual; the bastard’s eyes flashed and gleamed with a blue glow. The ground beneath him that had been firm just moments ago seemed to sag as if buckling under the weight of something heavy.


Blue lightning–or something like it–sparked around Moon Issak before subsiding.

The lightning felt like an electric current surrounding Moon Issak. It was beautiful–like an eternal meteor shower, but the beauty didn’t erase Moon Issak’s desolate bloodthirst.


Despite everything that was unfurling, Dawon-ie was still floating–deathly still–in the air. His dark, crimson eyes were unfocused, and it was hard to glean where he was looking. This line of thought was no longer relevant, as those eyes soon closed.

I found it hard for me to tear my eyes away from Dawon, who was pale and lifeless like a doll. A foreboding, ominous feeling–like something had gone terribly wrong–flowed through my entire body.

“[Purifying Light].” Simultaneously, Moon Issak raised his pointer finger while chanting a skill. Soon, a bright light gathered at his fingertip–the light was so intense I couldn’t even look at it properly.

Even though I was just a spirit, I closed my eyes momentarily because of the blinding light. Just before I closed my eyes, I saw Moon Issak shooting the sphere of dense light he had collected at his fingertips towards Seo Dawon. However, I couldn’t even move to defend the Mage.



A moment later, when the harsh light faded from my eyelids, I quickly opened my eyes and witnessed an incomprehensible scene.

Dawon-ie remained still–not even a blink. Furthermore, the skill that Moon Issak shot still couldn’t reach the Mage.

However, that wasn’t the end. Instead of the attack just bouncing off like before, space seemed to split open, as if an inventory had been opened at that point, and began to ‘chew and swallow’ Moon Isaak’s skill.

Mirroring my confusion, Moon Issak frowned, flustered.

‘What is…that?’

At that moment, I saw something moving within that space. At first, I thought it was a shadow caused by the flashing light, but, when I tried to look closer, I retreated almost instinctively.

My arms hugged my body tightly; cold sweat ran down my back. I wanted to calm my trembling body.

[You’ve witnessed ‘*****’]

[You’re now under the ‘fear’ condition. Your agility has decreased by 20%]


I managed to return to my senses thanks to the timely system message, but I still couldn’t comprehend what that ‘thing’ was around Seo Dawon.

On the other hand, Moon Issak responded by creating an even more powerful, intense sphere of light by using both hands. He probably hadn’t noticed ‘that thing’ yet.

“I don’t know what trickery this is, but…” he said.


“You probably won’t get away unscathed this time!” Moon Issak boldly declared as he attacked Dawon; the cold air that followed his attack seemed to freeze the surrounding air. And unlike before, this attack began to bypass the distortion of space and headed straight for Dawon.

I almost screamed when I saw frost beginning to encroach upon Seo Dawon’s body.



Dawon’s mouth, which did not move until now, cracked open a little to release a short sigh. At the same time, he slowly blinked. A faint smile… no, rather, a mocking smile flashed across his face.


Simultaneously, Moon Issak’s powerful skills dissipated, as if they had been neatly extinguished. Moon Issak’s eyes opened wide, agitated.

However, something even more startling followed.

“Fuck, what the hell is going on….!” Moon Issak cursed as he raised the staff he was holding.

Strangely, though, he didn’t lower his raised hand. He merely made awkward expressions as his right hand remained stiff and raised. “What…?”

Moon Issak, who belatedly noticed that something was strange, raised his head; at that moment, his right hand penetrated his stomach with great force. Moon Issak fell to his knees–this all occurred so fast, he couldn’t even scream. “Cough…”

He looked down at his right hand with bloodshot eyes. Then, raising his trembling left hand, he tried to hold his out-of-control right hand.

“Arrghhh!” However, he was unsuccessful. Rather than grabbing his right hand, his left hand grabbed between his legs.

Moon Isaac writhed on the ground, foam spilling from his mouth. I could only widen my eyes as I watched him inflict pain upon himself; the tendons in his left hand stretched taut as it used increasing strength.

“Choi Lee-kyung-ssi! Are you nearby? Is Moon Issak dead?” Choi Kyung-sik shouted.

I was able to tear my eyes away because of that voice. I returned to my senses and looked back; Choi Kyung-sik was naked with a bag still covering his face.

I hurried to his side, “I’m here. Right now… Dawon-ie… to Moon Issak…”

…Actually, was that really something Dawon-ie did?

I stopped in the middle of my sentence and looked at Dawon, in front of Moon Issak who was rolling around in his own blood.

Seo Dawon was staring down at Moon Issak with an utterly bored face. He didn’t do anything, but his placid expression was scarier than any action.

I lowered my voice and said to Choi Kyung-sik, “It does seem like Dawon-ie…is dealing with him, but…”

Upon hearing my words, Choi Kyung-sik visibly relaxed, letting out a deep sigh. “Ah… That’s a relief.”


Was that really a relief? I couldn’t shake off these uneasy feelings and remained silent.

At that moment, Moon Issak suddenly raised his left hand. And, seeing what was held within that hand, I almost threw up. “Uuurgh…”

Did he really rip… *it* off with his own hand?

I latched onto Choi Kyung-sik and shuddered. Noticing my queasiness, he held me carefully. “Choi Lee-kyung-ssi, let’s release this ‘Possession’ first, hm?”


I nodded slowly; as soon as I lifted the [Possession] skill, my vision turned black.

Fortunately, Choi Kyung-sik opened his inventory as soon as he returned to his ghostly state and immediately cut off the bag that covered my head.

However, Choi Kyung-sik paused in the middle of cutting; he suddenly blocked my front.


But, I couldn’t overcome my curiosity and looked straight ahead–through the gaps Choi Kyung-sik’s body couldn’t cover.

Moon Isaak groaned in agony as he forcibly severed his own ring finger. While Seo Dawon didn’t say a word, it was clear that the Mage was the one making Moon Isaak harm himself.

“Don’t look anymore.”


Even after my view was covered, the gasping screams would not end. It seems that Moon Issak’s special constitution prevented his death.

[This is so easy, why did I…]

At that moment, Dawon-ie mumbled in a dry tone. His muttering concerned me.


Something was wrong.

Just as I thought that, Dawon-ie looked up. Our eyes met.

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TL: Something is indeed very, very wrong D:

Chapter 398
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