Necromancer Survival
Chapter 397

T.w. Attempted rape

Though the bag hid Choi Kyung-sik’s expression, I didn’t need to see it to know the Alchemist’s face was contorted. He clenched his fists hard enough for his bones to protrude from his skin. He looked utterly pitiful at this moment.

Of course, that didn’t mean I approached him; instead, I slowly descended the stairs so that Dawon-ie could see me.

Dawon was more docile than I had expected, but, then again, a constant spark ran through the ties that bound his hands and feet. The mana flowing through the chains was so potent that even I–a low-level User–could feel a tingling sensation.

I frowned as I looked up at Seo Dawon.

“……..” It seemed that Dawon finally noticed my presence; his eyes shook a little. The spark grew more intense as the amber liquid in the tank sloshed violently.

As the scene unfurled, the corners of Moon Issak’s lips curled up. “That’s right. Just stay there and watch me pop Choi Lee-kyung’s cherry.”

Perhaps he thought that Seo Dawon was shaken by his crass intimidation, he began to grossly lift up my combat uniform’s top and unclothe my body.

Then, Choi Kyung-sik, who was currently [Possessing] my body began to desperately push the man away, but there was little my body–and its poor physical strength–could do.

Of course, I couldn’t stand by and let such horrible things be done to my body. So, I turned around to look at Dawon-ie.

‘What should I do?’

Dawon didn’t respond. Rather, a dangerous aura seeped off the Mage as he shook his head. Though his eyes seemed desperate, his words were still firm, ‘Ple…ase… Don’t do… anything… dangerous?’

However, I had already judged the situation too dangerous for me to stand still. Though my consciousness had currently exited my body due to the [Possession] skill, Moon Issak was still positioned to rape me.

Though I started to try and convince Seo Dawon, my lips automatically clammed shut when I saw the restraints that bound his hands. At some point, his wrists had burnt black.


Tears welling up within my heart, I glared at his blackened skin; Dawon-ie tried to speak again.

However, I had no thoughts of listening to the Mage. As I pressed the throbbing, aching corners of my eyes, I glared at the restraints around his beautiful, delicate wrists.

[Master Blacksmith Lee Dojin’s Soul-Gripper]

[Because the item’s grade is so high, you cannot observe its details]

As I did so, some system messages manifested before my eyes. After confirming that the restraints had been created by Lee Dojin, I looked at Moon Issak again.

Moon Issak had fully pushed my body beneath his, mounting atop my torso; his excited eyes held nothing else in their gaze. And, Choi Kyung-sik’s patience ended there.

“Damn–! Won’t you… Fuck off?!” Choi Kyung-sik used my legs to kick at Moon Issak’s body, writhing under the man’s grip.

Moon Issak caught my ankle and smiled vulgarly. “Your defiance will only result in Seo Dawon’s pain.”

“Just kill guil… Just kill Seo Dawon!”

“….What.” Moon Issak must have momentarily been shocked by this unexpected reaction, his hands froze. I nodded at Lackey, who had finally reached the bottom of the stairs. Lackey threw the sword in his hands at Moon Issak.


Afterwards, the skeleton rushed to my side. Moon Issak probably expected this turn of events; he was able to dodge the blade with a slight tilt of his head. Then, as he looked at Lackey, he frowned, “Choi Lee-kyung, unsummon that skeleton.”


“Fine, so that’s how it’s going to be, hm?”

Because Choi Kyung-sik still had a bag covering his head, he only realized now that Lackey had arrived. Even in such a hectic situation, the Alchemist was able to gauge the situation and clamped his lips shut.

Moon Issak’s brows furrowed as he looked down at my nearly naked body; after a moment, his gargantuan frame rose to its feet. Worried that he would soon use long-ranged skills, I ordered Lackey to stay at a distance. For some reason, the way the investigator moved was quite concerning.

‘He’s not using any skills? He’s just getting closer? Why…?’

Perhaps, he’s…

I buried that passing thought, and for now, decided to command Lackey. ‘Break that glass wall.’

[Clack Clack!]

[Yes, Master!]

Lackey lifted its sword, aiming to shatter the glass, but the glass withstood the attack. Lackey recoiled as it bounced off; not a single crack could be seen. Seizing this opportunity, Moon Issak rushed in and grabbed Lackey’s head with one hand, “The undead usually transform into ashes when you smash their heads.”

With that vicious remark, Moon Issak applied pressure to his hands; Lackey’s skull began to fracture with an ominously sickening, crumbling sound.

However, Lackey calmly raised its sword once more and hit the glass.


A tiny crack appeared–a single mar, but at the same time, the skeleton’s head completely shattered. Lackey’s eye sockets lost their light.

Moon Issak didn’t stop at demolishing the skull. He threw Lackey to the ground and stomped on its ribs, right over the skeleton’s purple heart. I gritted my teeth.

[Servant, ‘Lackey’ has been recalled due to excessive damage.]

[Clack Clack Clack…]

[I couldn’t finish Master’s orders…]

As Lackey slowly dissipated into white ash Moon Issak looked up at Dawon with a smirk on his face. “What’ll you do? Your last savior has gotten smashed.”


Even in this situation, Dawon-ie kept looking only at me, not Moon Issak.

Moon Isaac didn’t stop at taunting. He approached the wall and pulled a lever that wasn’t noticeable until now. Then, the amber-colored liquid surrounding Dawon began to turn red. Though this couldn’t be the case, it looked as if Dawon was bleeding.

“Just as Lee Dojin said, there’s nothing quite like using the undead for your own purposes.”


“Further, this pigpen was partially made with you in mind.”


“You’ve basically locked yourself up. How does it feel?”

As if to support Moon Issak’s words, the already overflowing mana–the magic energy that flowed from Dawon’s Vengeful Spirit–began to gradually amplify.

Dawon’s body–especially his wrists that were chained by the shackles–began to transform into a skeleton. As I watched the gradual transformation of the Mage’s hands into bleached-white bone, I automatically–without realizing–slammed my fists into the glass wall. ‘Seo Dawon, please…!’

However, Dawon remained calm. He slowly averted his gaze, which had been focused on me until that point, and closed his eyes. Seeing that, Moon Issak thought Seo Dawon was admitting defeat; peals of laughter would not stop tumbling from his lips.

Strangely, Dawon’s appearance continued to distort. The sparks that were scorching his wrists intensified; the strands of hair floating around his head began to grow longer. In the blink of an eye, his black hair grew to shoulder-length. The transformation that had been restricted to the area beneath his wrist extended in range. Now, the area beneath his elbows, on both arms, became skeletal.

Moon Issak furrowed his brows–it seemed that he didn’t expect this transformation either. “…What the…”

Blurble blurble–!

Furthermore, the now-red liquid began to bubble violently.

Moon Issak peered inside–right where bubbles were forming; he touched the glass wall. I watched as he took his hand away in reflex and spat out a few swears. The liquid had boiled hot enough for him to feel the heat through the thick glass. “How…”

Dawon-ie’s eyes remained tightly shut. Now, his hair reached his waist; incomprehensible and mysterious purple text appeared on his forehead.

I knew what that text was. When I signed the contract with Seo Dawon, similar text was inscribed across his forehead. The sight of the purple letters felt somewhat ominous.

‘Dawon-ah. Wh-what are you doing…?!’

I had the strong hunch that something was going wrong.

Meanwhile, his lengthy hair began to float upwards; the restraints around his wrists rattled up and down.

Moon Issak could no longer ignore these unusual happenings and lowered the lever he had previously raised.


Soon afterwards, I heard something ominous–the device had stopped. The liquid surrounding Seo Dawon returned to its amber color.



Accompanied by what sounded like a huge sheet of ice splitting apart, a huge crack began to form from the small scratch that Lackey had made. Moon Issak stood there, frozen, as he looked up at the cracked glass wall.


And, finally, Dawon-ie woke up from behind the completely shattered glass. Dark crimson liquid began to pour down towards Moon Issak.

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TL: Ngl, Lackey’s parting words made my heart ache a little…

Also, I find it hilarious how Choi Kyung-sik was just like “Fuck this, kill Seo Dawon, I don’t care.”

Chapter 397
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