Marriage of the Di Daughter
Chapter 120.2: Part 2: Tenderness

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Marriage of the Di Daughter Chapter 120 Part 2: Tenderness

After a while, walking out of the room, Jiang Li asked, “Physician Zhong, how is it?”

“This lady,” Physician Zhong shook his head, “I have written a prescription for the scars on the body for people to get the medicine. This period of time, Master Xue had received a lot of misery, it’s an amazing thing that he could endure up to now. However, after all, he is older and his body is weak. By fortunate coincidence, perhaps it was because the animal Feng Yu Tang deliberately wanted to leave Master Xue’s life, he did not let Master Xue receive any fatal injuries. Although a person is tortured, as long as they are nursed back carefully, in time, perhaps they will get better.”

Jiang Li hesitated for a while before asking, “Dare to ask Physician Zhong, Master Xue has now lost his mind and is unable to recognize people. Can he be sober one day in the future?”

“This old man does not dare to guarantee,” Physician Zhong waved his hand over and over again, “I am just a small physician in Tongxiang, really cannot be sure, forgive the old man’s incompetence. Heard that the miss wants to take Master Xue to Yanjing, there are many capable people in Yanjing, perhaps you can find a god doctor there who can help restore Master Xue’s rationality.”

Jiang Li was silent.

Physician Zhong was not the first one to say this. In fact, she had already asked many physicians in Tongxiang and not a single one could make Xue Huai Yuan sober.

She really wished her father would be sober and call her “Ah Li”. For this, she would pay any price.

“I understand.” Jiang Li said, “Thank you Physician Zhong.” Physician Zhong was powerless and she could not force him. Even if she felt disappointed, she could only raise her spirits to face what she had to do next.

The outside had already overflowed with the residents of Tongxiang coming to pay a visit to Xue Huai Yuan. Aunt Chun Fang wiped her tears and said, “Why has the Master become like this…..”

“It would be better if we had stood up earlier, blame me…..” Dai Yun, holding Ping An’s hand, regretted endlessly, “I did not know the Master actually suffered such torture.”

“Feng Yu Tang is not human!” Butcher Zhang said, “If it were not because he still has some use now, I would have used my knife to hack him to death!”

Jiang Li walked through the crowd to the front. Xue Huai Yuan was sitting on the couch, like a child, he was playing with the wooden statue in his hand while laughing gleefully. All around, Peng Xiao, He Jun and the Gu brothers had deep remorse in their eyes.

Seeing Jiang Li, Peng Xiao looked at her and asked, “What did the physician say?”

Jiang Li shook her head.

Disappointment could immediately be seen in their eyes.

“It’s okay, very soon we will be in Yanjing.” Jiang Li said, “When we arrive in Yanjing, I’ll look for a god doctor to treat Master Xue.”

“Master becoming like this is all the fault of Feng Yu Tang, that b*stard!” Gu Da fumed with anger and said, “I must cut his body into pieces!”

“Feng Yu Tang is at best just a lapdog, the real person is still behind.” Jiang Li slowly said, “Whoever makes Master Xue be subjected to such torture must bear the price of retribution.”

“Several of our brothers have already guessed that Feng Yu Tang received instructions from someone. However, in the end, we still don’t know who was behind him, also why the Lord must receive such a ruthless hand. Miss, please let us know clearly.” He Jun said.

“When you arrive in Yanjing, you will naturally know who is the person behind him. Actually, this case may not be able to do anything to her, but even if her life is stable, it’s still a good thing if a layer of her skin is peeled. The four of you are the witnesses to this case, in order to silence you, the other person must use extreme means. What the four of you are going to face, the enemy could be a hundred folds more sinister than Feng Yu Tang. You have to think clearly…..”

“We’ve thought about it,” Peng Xiao interrupted Jiang Li, “we want to avenge the lord, regardless whether it would succeed or not.

Jiang Li gradually smiled, “Good, then rely on the four of you.”

“We are the ones relying on Miss Jiang second.”


They resolved not to wait for Tong Zhi Yang’s transfer order and go on the second day. They would immediately bring the Tongxiang residents to go to Xiangyang then directly to Yanjing, which was just a moment.

After deciding, Ye Ming Yu soon dispatched people to pack up. The witness testimony, files and other important evidence in the yamen that were related to Xue Huai Yuan’s case were all collected to be brought as well. Since they were going to set out on the second day, everyone slept much earlier.

Xue Huai Yuan who had lost his mind was just like a child and needed a long time of coaxing before he finally slept. This was done personally by Jiang Li. Initially, Ye Ming Yu and the others wanted to let Jiang Li rest, but Xue Huai Yuan only wanted Jiang Li to coax. When the others tried to coax him, he was immediately terrified. Only when Jiang Li was in front of him did he calm down.

Jiang Li was also extremely patient with him, there wasn’t even a bit of complaint. Bai Xue and Tong’er watched and had a kind of illusion that even if Jiang Yuan Bai grew old, Jiang Li would not treat Jiang Yuan Bai this patiently. Towards the Jiang family members, although Jiang Li was gentle, there was an estranged politeness. The two servant girls could perceive that Jiang Li did not put in a lot of sincerity.

However, towards Xue Huai Yuan, she was actually genuinely gentle from the bottom of her heart.

After coaxing Xue Huai Yuan to sleep, Tong’er asked Jiang Li, “Miss, are you going to rest?”

Even Ye Ming Yu had gone to sleep.

Jiang Li looked outside, it’s strange, she arrived in Tongxiang for a few days and it has been snowing twice, including tonight. Tongxiang has not had snow for over a decade.

The wind blew from outside, mixing the snowflakes. Jiang Li draped a cloak over her shoulder and said, “No, I’ll go and see Feng Yu Tang.”

Feng Yu Tang? Tong’er and Bai Xue looked at each other, Jiang Li had already left the room.

The snow white rabbit fur cloak was draped on her body and she put the hood down, leaving only a palm-sized face. Under the lantern light, the small face looked even more pale, nearly the same color as jade. She neither walked fast nor slowly, but soon, she had arrived at the corner of the courtyard.

Inside the prisoner carriage, Feng Yu Tang was huddled into a ball.

It was snowing outside and the prisoner’s car was not placed inside the room. He yelled at the person assigned to him but no one came to look at him. He had no other choice, it was too cold, he could only shrink into a ball, just like Xue Huai Yuan in the prison cell then.

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Chapter 120.2: Part 2: Tenderness
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