Mu Mingtang and the servants busied themselves all day whereas Xie Xuanchen went to work as soon as he entered the city. He specially allocated a small team of elite soldiers to Mu Mingtang to ensure that she was safe and well-protected. Plus, they could keep a lookout for the women and help them move items.

Everyone rolled up their sleeves and worked hard all day. Once it was night time, they finally tidied up the messy official residence.

Mu Mingtang was very tired. She sat on the newly cleaned seat and asked, “Where is the Prince?”

“His Highness is still in the government office and seems to be summoning an array of people to discuss some matters.”

Government offices in various places have a layout facing south from the north in both the front office and the back office. The same held true for the government office in Zhending City. In the front were the Changya Hall, Tongpan Hall, Siqian Hall and other places where officials of all ranks conduct errands. At the back was the state residence, where the highest officials lived.

For the sake of safety, the highest officer must live in the government office. The junior officials and below have dispersed from the office and returned to their homes, but the Chief Officer must stay in the government office. Now that Xie Xuanchen had taken over Zhending’s official residence and Mu Mingtang was also living in the back house, Xie Xuanchen only needed to go through a few doors to see her, which was much more convenient than the arrangements before.

Mu Mingtang nodded. Zhending Residence was now full of waste and Xie Xuanchen must be busy with more things than she was. She exhaled and said, “You lot are also tired. Go and rest after having your dinner; you needn’t serve me after that.”

The servants hesitated, “But…Your Highness, the indoor curtains haven’t been hung yet.”

The house where the Chief Officer lived was not bad as it boasted 5 rooms that were connected from all 4 directions and they were spacious and bright. But now, the large house was empty. Looking around, one could only see the polished black pillars and railings. There were no curtains to block the inside from the outside. Plus, it was so devoid of items that almost any conversation could be heard at any time.

Mu Mingtang glanced back and said, “It’s getting dark. Hanging up the curtains can’t be done in an instant, so let’s talk about it tomorrow. You guys also go back to clean up and rest early since we’ll be busy tomorrow.”

The servants obeyed the orders. They only had time to clean up the house today, so even the personal belongings brought by Mu Mingtang had not yet been placed. Her clothes, jewellery, etc. were all locked in boxes. There were still many things to do tomorrow.

Mu Mingtang sent the servants away and kept a lamp waiting for Xie Xuanchen. Xie Xuanchen didn’t know how long it would take to discuss the matter. She had already had the food delivered to prevent him from being too busy and forgetting to eat. She was flipping through a book under the light of the lamp before she eventually became tired and fell asleep whilst leaning on the table.

Mu Mingtang didn’t know how long she had slept, but she suddenly woke up when she felt someone picking her up. She opened her eyes drowsily and saw that the person in front of her had a slender neck, delicate jaw and incredibly beautiful bone lines.

Chapter 470
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