I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor
Chapter 179: Appearance Fee (4)

Chapter 179: Appearance Fee (4)

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The first episode of ‘Freezing Love,’ written by Lee Wol-seon, has begun. The broadcaster is KBC. The time is 9:50 PM. It was scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays. Therefore, it was only natural for Kang Woojin, Choi Sung-gun, and many related to Kang Woojin to move in front of the TV. Whether they were actors, PDs, or directors.


“Writer-nim! It’s started!”

“Yes- Alright, I’m coming.”

“But the media has already started comparing, haven’t they? Park Eun-mi writer-nim vs Lee Wol-seon writer-nim and so on.”

“Hmph, even so, our Writer Park’s ratings can’t be beat.”

“Anyway, kids, turn up the volume.”

Writer Park Eun-mi, who had recently started warming up for her new work, focused on the first episode of ‘Freezing Love.’

Of course.

『Lee Wol-seon writer’s new work ‘Freezing Love’ premieres today』

『[DramaPick] Opening ‘Freezing Love’, can star writer Lee Wol-seon catch up to writer Park Eun-mi?』

『From the return of ‘Jung Jang-hwan’ to ‘Drug Dealer’ Kang Woojin’s sign language acting in … ‘Freezing Love’ has a lot to see』

Thanks to Kang Woojin and others drawing enough attention for quite some time, many viewers also tuned into the KBC channel.

Thus, the first episode of ‘Freezing Love’ began.

With a rather lively OST and a pleasant opening, ‘Freezing Love’ turned dark as soon as the main character, ‘Song Tae-hyung’, who has severe OCD and cuts off relationships with people, appeared.

The first about 10 minutes focused on introducing ‘Song Tae-hyung’s life and worldview.

He, trapped in a cage, can’t stand things being disordered and extremely dislikes interacting with people. Everyone outside of work, acquaintances, and family. Behind such a pathological appearance of ‘Song Tae-hyung’.

[“Hey, you. Do you have something to say to me?”]

For the first time, a character appeared. It was the ‘Mysterious Man Next Door’. The ‘Mysterious Man Next Door’ on TV. In other words, Kang Woojin had a truly mysterious expression and atmosphere. The attire, such as a hoodie, was ordinary, but his eyes were deep, and his face was hard to read.


Faced with Song Tae-hyung, he heard the question but did not answer. He just stared at Song Tae-hyung. It was a situation enough to make anyone feel bad, and viewers would think, ‘What’s with that person?’

[“Nevermind. Are you about to take the elevator? I’ll wait and take the next one.”]

Song Tae-hyung, clearly annoyed, goes back into his house. However, the next day he encounters Kang Woojin again. This time, Woojin just stares at Song Tae-hyung without speaking. Song Tae-hyung does not hold back.

[“Why do you keep making me uncomfortable? Either speak up or ignore me.”]

The expressions of the two characters shown in the angle are polar opposites. Song Tae-hyung is frustrated, but the Mysterious Man Next Door is flat.



In the face of TV’s Kang Woojin, embarrassment was blooming in his eyes. A unique atmosphere. Something about the ‘Mysterious Man Next Door’ seemed to be tormented but hesitant to act rashly. Just that kind of vibe.

This was expressed through the gaze and slight movements.

But in the angle, ‘Song Tae-hyung’ just found the mysterious man incredibly annoying.

[“Don’t look at me like that. It gives me the creeps.”]

From here, the TV screen is filled with the ‘Mysterious Man Next Door’. A close-up. His face getting closer seemed like a blank canvas. A canvas for painting the inner mind. Without a word, his inner feelings were reflected in his expression.

Slightly pursing his lips, fidgeting, the tips of his lips trembling slightly, his eyes shaking, facial muscles twitching.

It was odd.

Who exactly is this character? At first appearance, he was quite suspicious, but now, he seemed like a shy young man. Lacking confidence and the shyness was apparent in his stature. However, it was too delicate and detailed for ‘Song Tae-hyung’, who disregards relationships with people, to notice.

[“What exactly… I don’t know why you are doing this to me, but I’ll just ignore you. Alright?”]

Suddenly, the angle crosses between the two characters and then Kang Woojin is shown again. Despite being ignored, he was smiling. A pretty smile. Anyone who saw it would smile too, such a clean smile.


That ‘Mysterious Man Next Door’ took a step closer to ‘Song Tae-hyung’, who disliked him. Then, he clenched his right hand and brought it close to his nose, and the smile he was wearing brightened even more. The angle caught both ‘Song Tae-hyung’ and the ‘Mysterious Man Next Door’. Song Tae-hyung was seen from the back, and Kang Woojin from the front.



A piano melody OST played, and subtitles smoothly appeared below the two characters.

-[I like you]

It was the interpretation of the sign language shown by Kang Woojin. From this point on, Woojin’s sign language appeared frequently. It appeared both in long and short segments. Moreover, changes began in Song Tae-hyung’s world. The ‘Mysterious Man Next Door’ took charge of the early conflict resolution and tension in ‘Freezing Love,’ delivering results beyond expectations.

As evidence, many viewers exclaimed in admiration.

Among them, from the beginning, news had spread that ‘sign language’ would appear in the drama, so many of the current viewers of ‘Freezing Love’ were people who used sign language.

There were familiar faces too.

(“Mom, that actor. His name is Kang Woojin, what do you think of his acting?”)

She was the sign language expert who had participated as a consultant during the script reading of ‘Freezing Love’.

She was sitting on the living room sofa with her mom, watching Kang Woojin in ‘Freezing Love’ on TV. Their conversation was in sign language. The sign language expert could speak during the reading. In other words, it seemed she became a sign language expert because of her mom.

(“Wonder whose son he is, tall and handsome.”)

At her mom’s out-of-the-blue response, the sign language expert furrowed her brows.

(“No, mom. I’m asking about his acting, not his face. Does he sign well?”)

(“Yes. He does well. Did that actor learn it for this?”)

(“He didn’t learn it. It seems he already knew how to. Of course, he must have practiced to match the lines.”)

(“That makes sense. I’m not well acquainted with actors, but sign language isn’t just about moving your hands. Look at that actor’s expressions and eyes. There’s nothing awkward about it. He must have made a continuous effort, probably not wanting to inconvenience us.”)

(“…Kang Woojin. I saw him on set, he asked me a lot of questions. He wanted to make sure the character’s background was clear.”)

The mom, reassured by her daughter’s answer, smiled slightly and looked back at Kang Woojin on TV.

(“He’s young but a remarkable and truly appreciative actor. I think I’ll become a fan too.”)

Of course, there were many viewers like these two, whether they used sign language or not. Especially for viewers who used sign language, the emotion was deeply conveyed.

(“I’ve never seen an actor use sign language so naturally before!”)

(“Right, but how can he be so different from his appearance in ‘Drug Dealer’?”)

Although many works have dealt with sign language or disability acting before, the performance shown by Kang Woojin was arguably the best.

(“How much did he practice? Honestly, I wasn’t very interested in Kang Woojin, but this changed my mind.”)

Naturally, even for viewers who did not use sign language, Woojin’s acting was more than proficient.


-Wow……..Lee Sang-man’s swag is crazy

-Kang Woojin only appeared briefly but the impact was insane

-Move!! Call Kang Woojin back!!

-Is that sign language done well???

-Yes, it’s freaking amazing, really makes you think if he lives by using sign language to this extent

-It’s interesting?? Jung Jang-hwan also acts well ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-But it doesn’t seem as fun as ‘Hanryang’

-Are you kidding me??? Is Kang Woojin really crazy??? His acting is seriously possessed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Right after ‘Drug Dealer’ but I can’t see Lee Sang-man at all

-Tomorrow, he’ll probably be praised for his legendary disability acting





The real-time viewer chat was extremely heated.

The next morning, Saturday.

Around 11 AM. A Korean traditional restaurant consisting of detached houses on the outskirts of Seoul. Director Ahn Ga-bok was seen inside a VIP room. The large table in the room where Director Ahn was seated was already set with colorful dishes. Director Ahn, who had just picked up golden chopsticks, was wearing a purple mock turtleneck.

However, Director Ahn was not alone.

Across from him was a middle-aged man with an unmistakably extraordinary aura. His presence was exceptional.

“Sunbae-nim, do you exercise without fail? You seem to have lost a lot of weight.”

The voice was deep but gentle. It flowed leisurely, not rushed. It was a voice that, while relaxed, somehow conveyed authority. Then, Director Ahn Ga-bok, with his short white hair, showed a wrinkled smile to the middle-aged man opposite him.

“You seem to have gained more weight recently.”

“I’ve been enjoying fishing.”

“Ha, I’ve heard. So, did you catch much?”

“More misses than catches. But it gives me enough time to reflect.”

“It’s been about a year since you took a break from work.”

“Has it already been that long?”


The middle-aged man, who was an actor, chuckled softly as he picked up a cup of water. Not just any actor, but one of the top three actors in South Korea, referred to as the top actor, Actor Sim Han-ho. If Director Ahn Ga-bok is considered the history of the Korean film industry, then top actor Sim Han-ho could rightfully be called the history of actors.

A career spanning 30 years.

He has won countless acting awards, and his filmography includes over 50 titles, including works from Hollywood and recognition at international film festivals abroad. A gem among gems. Indeed, his phenomenal filmography made him a monstrous real deal of an actor that top actors could not dare to overlook.

His acting was evaluated with terms like explosive energy, immersion, and intensity.

Rather, it was more akin to a roar than ‘acting’.

Therefore, Sim Han-ho was known in the industry as the ‘Grey Panther’. Not only because his long hair was grey, but also because the aura he and his appearance emitted was nothing less than that of a panther.

At that moment.


Director Ahn Ga-bok, who had been gazing intently at the imposing Sim Han-ho, made a move.

“Take a look at this.”

What he passed over was a bundle of papers. Precisely, the ‘Leech’ screenplay. Soon, a faint smile appeared on the stern face of Sim Han-ho.

“Is this your 100th work, Sunbae?”

“Yes. Do it for me.”

“……I’ll read it.”

“Oh ho. we have a promise, don’t we?”

“Sunbae, you’ve grown more whimsical.”

“With age, one tends to grow more whimsical rather than spirited.”

For some reason, despite the usual mythical aura of Director Ahn Ga-bok, he seemed slightly weaker in front of the ‘Grey Panther’ Sim Han-ho. It might be because the two were quite close. Sim Han-ho let out a small sigh and opened the screenplay.


“Is this the first time you’ve given it to anyone?”

“No. You’re the second one.”

Sim Han-ho paused.

“Someone got it before me- who is it?”

Director Ahn Ga-bok, with his arms crossed, gazed at Sim Han-ho for a moment before opening his wrinkled mouth.

“It’s still confidential, but I should tell you. It’s Kang Woojin.”


Silence spread for a moment. Both men did not speak. Especially, Sim Han-ho’s gaze at Director Ahn Ga-bok was enigmatic. Full of energy but hard to read.

After about 10 seconds.

“Kang Woojin. Yes, I understand.”


“He’s a valuable actor.”

“Is that so? Why?”

“Well- I recently watched ‘Drug Dealer’. There, ‘Lee Sang-man’ left the strongest impression on me. I wondered what I was like at that age- it made me think deeply.”

Director Ahn Ga-bok asked as if surprised.

“Kang Woojin influenced you?”

“His acting was seamless and detailed. So much so that I could only think of his character. The acting style I aspired to when I was young. Though I never achieved it in the end.”

“Indeed, there’s a difference between your acting styles. If yours is a roar, Woojin’s is silence. That’s why he shines even more on camera.”

Sim Han-ho slowly nodded and closed the ‘Leech’ screenplay.

“I’ll read it.”

“Alright, I’ll wait. But I’m going to rush you.”

“Sunbae, what if you disturb me?”

“More than that, while you’re reading, take a look at the short film ‘Exorcism’ too. You can catch a different scent from Woojin’s ‘Lee Sang-man’.”

“I guess I should give up fishing.”

A few dozen minutes later.

After finishing their meal, Director Ahn Ga-bok and top actor Sim Han-ho left the VIP room. Soon, they encountered a few staff members and moved toward the wooden gate, which was the entrance, passing through the garden of the Korean restaurant.

What was peculiar was.


Among the group of men that brushed past them in the garden, the eyes of a man wearing glasses widened. The reason was simple.

“Isn’t that Director Ahn Ga-bok… and Sim Han-ho?”

The man with glasses was a reporter. However, he was a reporter for the social affairs news section, not entertainment. But he had many connections in the entertainment section. Therefore, he carefully took out his phone.


He took a two-shot of Director Ahn Ga-bok and Sim Han-ho.

“At this time, those two together- something smells.”

At the same time.

Kang Woojin arrived at the large set complex of ‘Island of the Missing’ in Buyeo. Woojin felt a chill as soon as he got out of the van in the parking lot.

‘Ugh- crazy. It’s freezing cold.’

It was the end of November. Winter had already arrived. Especially here, in a remote location, it was even colder. But Kang Woojin did not shrink back. The bravado running through his body with his blood dominated his spirit.

As he confidently moved towards the filming site.

“Woojin oppa.”

Among the team following behind, Han Ye-jung with her blue bob hair came up next to Kang Woojin while looking at her phone.

“Did you see this? Seo Gu-seob contacted you too, right?”

She then showed him the screen of her phone. A fresh article had just been published on it.

『[Official] Seo Gu-seob, embroiled in various criminal suspicions, to be ousted from his position as CEO of GGO Entertainment』

It was news about Bulldog CEO Seo Gu-seob. Or rather, his downfall? Although not everything was settled yet, it was safe to say Seo Gu-seob’s end was determined. Of course, Kang Woojin reacted nonchalantly on the outside.

“Yeah, I received a call.”

But internally, he was slightly rattled.

‘The CEO got fired away like that. Wow- The entertainment industry is freaking scary.’

Meanwhile, at the terrestrial broadcaster KBC’s drama department.

Since ‘Freezing Love’ had its first broadcast yesterday, the drama department was quite busy. Among them, the team of ‘Freezing Love’ gathered around the PD and the production team. Sitting in front of a laptop was the assistant director, who, with his eyes closed, spoke to everyone including the main PD.

“……We are number one in our time slot!”


“So, what’s the viewership rating?!”

The surrounding PDs crowded in. Regardless, the assistant director gulped and said.

“The overall viewership rating for ‘Freezing Love’.”

He announced the checked viewership rating.


It was a decent figure. In fact, it could be considered good. Recently, there were plenty of dramas not even hitting 10%. Therefore, the other PDs applauded.


“That’s a good start, finally breaking 10%.”

“But Writer Lee Wol-seon might be a bit disappointed?”

“Well, yes. But hitting 25% like ‘Hanryang’ is really tough.”

The director of ‘Freezing Love’ breathed a sigh of relief.

“Phew- It’s okay. We just need to keep raising it.”

At this moment.


The assistant director, looking at the laptop, wasn’t done speaking.

“We did surpass 19% viewership. Briefly, though. The ‘peak moment viewership’ hit 19.1%.”


“What are you talking about? How can there be such a big difference between that and the overall? Where! Which part was it!”

To the excited crowd, the assistant director showed the laptop screen and answered.

“It’s Kang Woojin’s first appearance scene.”.


Chapter 179: Appearance Fee (4)
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