I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN)
Chapter 1845: April Fool's Day Extra Ch: "Extended Extension"

<Author’s Notes>

The extensions end here.

On our way to a restaurant that I found in Kuro’s eating tour guide, Serious-senpai suddenly stopped and began shouting into the void.

[No, what do you mean extended extension!!!? You finished things neatly last time, what do you even want me to do!?]

[……Serious-senpai, what’s with you all of a sudden?]

[Kaito, this is bad. The world still wants something from us.]

[……What do you mean by something?]

At the moment, the way I see it, Serious-senpai has started saying incomprehensible things out of the blue again, but the person herself kinda seems to be serious about it.

I have no idea what Serious-senpai is seeing, but for the time being, it seems like an unexpected situation has occurred.

[This is probably that. By the flow of things…… It’s a date, right!?]

[……H- Huh, well, we are heading off to eat, so it’s technically not wrong to call this a date.]

[D*mn you, world! How much do you intend to torment me!!!? ……Ahh, that’s not it. It’s not like I don’t want to go on a date with Kaito, and this is a completely unrelated matter, so don’t misunderstand that!]

[Ah, yes.]

It seemed like she was talking to herself about some serious stuff, but first of all, putting misunderstandings and all that aside, I don’t even have any clue what the situation is…… Well, I do feel her inherent kindness coming through in the fact that she’s providing such explanations.

[Errr, for the time being, I guess we can just go to a tandoori chicken restaurant?]

[Ah, unnn. There’s no problem with that. Sorry for stopping us there.]

[No, no, let’s go there.]

As usual, her emotions switched directions as fast as a roller coaster, as even though she sounded angry just now, her thoughts switched as if nothing happened.

[……Come to think of it, just a question, but Serious-senpai, you said you’re the incarnation of seriousness…… like, you’re a materialized concept?]

[Yes, I’m the seriousness within seriousness, she who loves seriousness and is loved by seriousness. The King of Seriousness, Serious-senpai, but what of it?]

I feel more like she’s the gestaltzerfall of seriousness, but I feel like I lose if I seriously throw a tsukkomi at that, so I thoroughly ignored it and continued with my question.

[Well, do you have any special abilities? For example, like, making a certain target become a serious person or something?]

[Fumu…… Well, if I have to say it…… I’d say complaining about the heartwarming or lovey-dovey stuff while praying for a serious development?]

[……Aren’t you no different from a TV watcher then? Rather, what about the special abilities?]

[I know a lot of trivia!]

[Then aren’t you just a regular person!?]

Not only is it just my impression, but from the way she said it, she had zero seriousness in her…… With her being like that, why is she calling herself the seriousness within seriousness…… In a way, I suppose that unfounded confidence is Senpai’s strongest point.

[Ahh, I can vomit sugar, turn into sugar…… and I guess I can generally change into anything sweet? If I had to point out a special ability, well, I don’t really think it’s a special ability, as it’s more of just the way my body is, then there’s that, but it’s hard to judge if it really is one.]

[……Rather than an incarnation of seriousness, aren’t you more like an incarnation of sweetness then?]

[It’s not like I can change at will, but rather, by witnessing lovey-dovey developments or the like, the serious factor within me reacts with rejection and transforms, resulting in an alteration…… or something like that?]

[Even you yourself don’t really understand your own body!?]

That’s kind of a fluffy ecology, but it’s still one filled with mysteries, and even when I asked about it, instead of getting clearer, it feels like the mysteries just deepen, to the point where even the person herself doesn’t seem to understand her own body much.

[……Huh, well, it can’t be helped if you yourself don’t know much about it.]

[Ugh…… Sorry for being an unreliable serious guy.]

[No, no, I’m not saying you’re completely unreliable…… Indeed, Senpai is a peculiar person and there are many mysteries surrounding you, but I can tell you’re a good person…… so I quite like you.]

[H- Haahhh!? J- J- J- J- Just wai…… S- Stop screwing around…… D- D- D- Don’t think you can make me fall that easily!!!]

[No, it’s not like I’m trying to make you fall……]

[But well, I suppose, in recognition of your courage, after lunch, I might not mind going out for coffee or a date!!! I’ll even allow some level of skinship! However, keep it within the boundaries of what’s appropriate for all ages, okay!!!?]

[……Ah, yes.]

Is it just my imagination? I didn’t mean it like that, but seeing her reaction now, she feels so easy that makes me think “I might be able to push her a little further”.

Well, umm, she really is a strange person…… but even with all her antics, I think she’s someone interesting, so as I thought, I don’t dislike her after all.


? ? ? : […………………]

Serious-senpai (Conquered) : [W- What’s with that look……]

? ? ? : [No, I guess I understood the meaning of that word next to your name…… No, that’s certainly something I also want to say but…… anyhow, you’re too easy.]

Chapter 1845: April Fool's Day Extra Ch: "Extended Extension"
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