Chapter 191

“You see through me, child of Corleone!”

I whirled around at Sword Saint shout from behind me and stretched out my hands.

“It’s over! It’s over! It’s over!”

“What, it’s over?”

In response, Choi Sun-ho’s fist came to a halt in front of me.

“Even if Kwak Chun-sik had been drinking, he wouldn’t lose to you, so what the heck is this-─hmm, Chun-sik’s granddaughter?”

“Grandpa Sword Saint!”

Kwak Yeon-ah, who had been hanging onto Kwak Chun-sik’s back for a while now, waves at Choi Sun-ho and smiles brightly.

He looks at Kwak Chun-sik, who sighs and lowers his head.

“You were so excited, and you ended up losing in front of your granddaughter?”

“……My granddaughter said I smell like alcohol, so she won’t talk to me.”

And a moment later.

“Now that’s life.”

Having drained all the alcohol from his body with aura, he grins as he pulls Kwak Yeon-Ah forward.

“I don’t stink anymore, do I?”


“Yeah, yeah. You’re beautiful.”

The first thing he does, now that he’s free of his granddaughter’s mental attack, is to use aura to blow away all the intoxicants.

It’s no mistake that the thought of wasted alcohol crossed his mind as he burned away even the lingering odor.

Choi Sun-ho shook his head and clicked his tongue.

“Ew, what a waste of alcohol for a granddaughter.”

At that moment, Choi Yeon suddenly called out to Choi Sun-ho.


“Huh? What’s wrong, Yeon-ah?”

“You smell like alcohol.”


“I don’t anymore, do I?”


In a playful mood, I said to Choi Yeon, “You can tell Sword Saint that he smells like alcohol too,” but Sword Saint immediately sobered up, not even remembering what he had just said to Kwak Chun-sik.

……Is this what all grandfathers are like in this world?


I felt a tap on my lower body and looked down to see Jiyun rubbing her eyes.

“I’m sleepy…….”

“Really? Then let’s go take a nap. I’ll carry you on my back.”

“Okay…… hee hee…….”

Maybe it’s natural.

* * *

After the chaos of the Blue House was over.

There was a huge commotion for a while because the elders had gotten a little carried away and had left the garden with potholes and fallen trees.

Luckily, Sword Saint offered to compensate for them, but the children, who were exhausted from all the exercise, were unable to overcome their sleepiness and were now put to bed in a guest room inside the Blue House.

‘I’m sleepy too. I’ll go with you.’

I don’t know why Choi Yeon went to bed with the children.

It was just me and Sword Saint and Kwak Chun-sik.

I decided to ask the question I had been dying to ask.

“Mr. Sword Saint, may I ask about the gift you gave me?”

“Huh? A gift? Oh, yeah, the bet…….”

He suddenly put his hands in his pockets, reacting as if he didn’t quite remember since the suggestion was made while he was drunk.

“Oh, I found it. Here’s a gift.”

And with that, he hands me a business card no bigger than the palm of his hand.

“This is …….”

“A week’s package of swordsmanship training with the Sword Saint. I’ll take your sword and your skills for a week at the Sword House. What do you think, isn’t this a good deal?”

Seeing Sword Saint’s smiling face as he said that, Kwak Chun-ski jumped up from his seat.

“Eugene is my disciple, why are you flirting with him like this?”

“Hey, bastard, who’s taking your disciple? I’m just giving him a week’s experience as a disciple.”

“Isn’t that the point? What will people think if they see that it’s Brother Choi himself and not someone else?”

He was right.

Being trained by him was an event that could change the way people looked at me from the outside.

“Eugene, you don’t have to go to the Chun Sword Academy. I have a nice place called the Budokan. Do you want me to rent you a room?”

“Heh, don’t overdo it. Anyway, call this number when it’s convenient for you. I’ll check my schedule and see if I can get you an answer.”


Kwak Chun-sik frowns as he puts the business card on the table into his pocket.

But it can’t be helped, can it?

A business card with Sword Saint personal number on it, with this alone, I could make a great impression on the people of the Chun Sword Family and get a head start.


“So what’s the reward?”


“A business card can’t be the reward, can it?”

I could have asked Choi Yeon for the number.

“Hahaha, that’s right, Sword Saint is giving a business card as a reward! Hahaha!”

At this, Mr. Kwak Chun-sik, who had been sullen, revived while Sword Saint, who had been listening, nodded and looked at me with a determined expression.

“My old stuff should be in the storage room. I’ll open it for you.”

Sword Saint storeroom?

“You’re a big man.”

Yeah, I’ll take it.

Okay, then, next time…….

“What will Mr. Kwak Chun-sik give me?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Mr. Sword Saint gave me a reward, didn’t you also say you’ll give me a reward?”

“Huh? Huh?”

“Hahahaha, the disciple it’s just like the master! Yes, the disciple won the bet, what kind of master would stand still! Chun-sik, the disciple asks for a gift, right?”

Sword Saint laughed out loud, clearly enjoying the situation.

In response, Kwak Chun-sik furrowed his brow and began to think about something, then looked at me as if he had decided what to give.

“After all, the free pass to the Budokan is──.”

“That’s enough.”

Why bother when I know he’ll open the door for me at any moment?

“Rather, I was wondering if I could ask you something?”

“Curious? Sure. I’ll tell you everything I know.”

“Instructor Yoon Sung-ho once showed me a battle with Kurus.”

He tilted his head up after hearing my story.

“Kurus? Ah, yes, he did, but why?”

“Well, as you know, his magic is formed by drawing on his surrounding experiences when reconstructing or reenacting situations, but I saw some strange things at the time.”

Why I finally found him. I decided to cut to the chase.

“First of all, old man, did you use a sword in the past?”

“A sword? I’ve used it a few times, but I don’t remember holding one in recent years.”

“Is that so?”

It turns out I wasn’t wrong after all.

Kwak Chun-sik using a sword, what an unusual combination.

“May I ask why you don’t use it now?”

“It’s not a great…… reason, but it’s hard to control the power of a sword, and I’m more comfortable using my bare hands than a sword.”


At this, Sword Saint, who had been listening quietly by the side, stood up.

“The sword is the most powerful weapon in the world, and you martial artists who use no weapons or tools don’t discuss it!”

“No, that’s not what I meant, Brother Choi!”

As expected from a swordsman, he immediately retorted.

The elderly man and I immediately intervened and calmed him down.

I decided to ask the question I hadn’t gotten to yet.

“To continue the story……during that class, I saw you using a technique I don’t recognize.”

“Huh? Technique you don’t know?”

“Moon White Wind Chime. Do you know it?”

A phrase meaning the moon is clear and the wind is cool.

It was Kwak Chun-sik’s naming sense, and the most advanced technique I’d ever seen.

” Moon White Wind Chime? Park Yunho, showed you that?”

“Yes. Was it some kind of trick?”

“No, it’s not like that, but, um……he saw the battle with Kurus firsthand, so he must have known about it, because it was that technique that finally broke his neck.”


All the records show is that Kwak Chun-sik delivered the fatal blow to Kurus.

“But why do you ask?”

“That. Can’t you teach me?”


The elderly man’s eyes widened as if he doubted what he had heard.

“You want me to teach you that?”

“Yeah. There aren’t that many world-changing techniques, are there?”

And this is my chance to create my own technique but Mr. Kwak’s response was.

“Giggle, giggle, giggle!”

It was a cool laugh.

“You ask me to tell you that, I’d love to, but you’re not at that level yet, bastard. I’ll tell you all about it when the time comes!”

Indeed. It seemed to be a skill included in Kwak Chun-sik’s curriculum.

“Still, listening to you, I have an idea of what I need to teach you. Next week, we’ll talk about what it means to change the world. Let’s start with that.”


He must be a generous old man, right?

In a way, I wondered if having talent itself is a favorable factor for these elderly people.

After all, most of these people are usually drawn to young people with talent.

Just then, the door to the reception room opened and Choi Yeon walked in, rubbing his eyes.

“……Grandpa. Are you still talking?”

“You’re awake, my granddaughter! No, I’m not. It’s over! You must be tired, right? Shall we go?”

She nods at the question from the rapid-fire cannon.

“Okay, let’s go. Chun-sik, I’ve had a good night. Tell the president thanks for the good drinks.”

With that, Sword Saint stands up from his seat, and the children come out from behind Choi Yeon, yawning.



“I guess we’ll all go together.”

My sister says she’s really tired, so I can’t help it.

* * *

After leaving Jiyun in Alessia’s hands I went to my father’s study to report on the events of the day.

“Father, this is Eugene.”

-Yes. Come in.

In the past, Eugene had entered his father’s study with a lot of nervousness, but he had been coming in and out of it a lot lately while working on the organization.

I didn’t completely stiffen up like I had the first time, and my expression hardened just enough to keep me on my toes.

“So, did you have a good trip?”

“Yes. Thanks to father’s consideration, I had a fun time, because it was at the Blue House and not anywhere else.”

“Hahaha, I certainly can’t send Corleone’s bodyguard team to the Blue House. So, it seems that all the other elders are safe?”

“Yes. This time, I even received a business card from Elder Sword Saint and was told to go to him later to receive lessons in swordsmanship.”


My father looked at me curiously when I mentioned the name Sword Saint.

“You mean Sword Saint?”

“Yes. I won a bet this time.”

I tell him the story of my day, and he is delighted.

“I’m glad to hear that you had a good time. Is that all that happened today?”

“Yes, Dad.”

“Well, well, well.”

As he says this, the smile slowly fades from his face and the air around him changes as he turns serious.

“Then we should talk about family business.”

Reverting back to his Don form, my father opened a drawer and placed a thick stack of papers on the table, looking at me.

“Last night, the Villain Alliance’s hideout in Australia was discovered. As you know, the Villain Alliance and Corleone are currently at war.”


My father, who had just cut off the end of his cigar, looks at me and asks.

“Why don’t you take charge?”

The big event has arrived.

Chapter 191
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