HP: The Arcane Thief
Chapter 196: Situation in Britain

"It's only been three days! Three-fucking-days! Can I not handle myself for even three days without him?!"

"Calm down, Daphne."

"Calm down? How can I calm down?! Everything is turning upside down, and I have no clue how to handle it. What will I say to him when he finds out?"

"Why are you talking like it's your fault? How could you have known that someone would do this?" Asked Martina.

The two of them were currently (hiding?) in the secret hideout at Hogwarts where Axel used to sleep.

Daphne sighed. "If I ever get my hands on this woman, I swear I would kill her!"

"Don't worry, we'll find her," said Martina, and even if she might not go as far as killing them, she damn well wanted them to suffer.

Martina looked at Daphne's magi-mirror that was ringing non-stop, then looked at the internet that was completely flooded with Axel's name, and then Daphne, who was slowly getting more and more panicked.


For the umpteenth time, she hoped he would just... appear here and solve everything, like he always does.

How did it end up like this?

Well, not longer after Axel had left, something happened that took the whole world by surprise.

The night Axel had left, a book was released on the magihive by an anonymous another named Lady Gossip. There was publicity, no , no promotion. Just one statement: This book is going to take the Wizarding World by a storm.

Just one book and such a large impact... Is something like that really possible?

Well, with this book, it has happened.

The book was a complete expose on Axel, containing detailed information on his whole life, including the things he had been hiding until now, which the anonymous writer had somehow dug up.

Axel's disappearance was still being discussed, and his fame was still at its peak. At this time, an exclusive biography of his life, containing all the things he had gone through in his childhood came as a complete drug to people. It sold like hot cakes.

Before they knew it, It was already all over the internet and containing it was impossible.

The title of this book?

'The Life and Lies of Axel Hunt'

"How did this person even find all this information?" Asked Daphne. Looking through the chapters of the book. "His past, his injuries, his crimes… she even knows he ki! And, and she even has this shirtless picture of him!" She exclaimed, showing the image of a shirtless Axel holding onto a very flustered Daphne.

Right now, countless girls throughout the world might be thanking the anonymous writer for this, but Daphne was absolutely murderous! (even though she had also saved the picture on her magi-mirror)

Martina's eyes strayed towards the picture.

"She… obviously did a lot of digging. I'm fairly certain it involved a lot of illegal activities. I mean, how else could she get his hospital records and… this picture?" She deduced.

"That's why she hasn't revealed her identity. Because she knows she'll be dumped straight into Azkaban for the number of laws she has violated."

Daphne clicked her tongue. "I get that it is possible to get the information about his past from stealing memories and medical records through some means. But how did she even manage to avoid Axel's detection when taking that picture? Wait..." Daphne suddenly paused.

"Maybe... maybe she didn't leave. Maybe he knew she was there all along… and he was shirtless… and then I walked in…" Daphne gritted her teeth. "Who was this bitch?! Was it that Patricia after all? Or one of the other girls?"

"Daphne! You're overthinking again. Let's think logically for a moment. If Axel was really aware, do you think he would let anyone witness how close the two of you actually are? Besides, it can't be anyone who can access Hogwarts, or they'd have had a lot more pictures than what happened just in the changing room of the stadium which outsiders can barely access."

Daphne recalled the times they had met up in the greenhouse and realized there was some truth to Martina's words. Right now, only one image of her with Axel has been released, painting her as just another rich girl who hooked up with Axel. People have no idea how deep their relationship actually is.

"Then, who could it be? Axel had some really good senses," said Daphne in confusion. Axel would know if someone was spying on him, even when the person is trying to be very discreet. Heck, he even caught her looking when he was sleeping beside her.

Martina sighed. In fact, she already had a pretty good idea who this person might be. After all, she was a reincarnator who has read all the books.

First of all, the "Life and Lies" part of the title was a dead giveaway.

The name is Lady Gossip, which suggests that the author is someone who has a strong desire for gossiping. And their writing style and actions of making a biography without the person's consent while the person is still alive suggests a strong thirst for attention and influence by hook or by crook.

Yep, that pretty much matched the description.

Also. the "Life and Lies" part of the title was a dead giveaway. It was Rita Skeeter, the annoying reporter of the fourth part. The reason why Axel didn't pay attention to her in the changing room when holding Daphne must be because she was in her bug for at the time.

"Don't worry. The person will be caught soon enough. What we have to think is what we need to do now." said Maritina.

"As if that is easy," muttered Daphne, looking at her Magi-mirror that was continuously buzzing with notification. 'The internet was currently going crazy with the huge amount of hot gossip they had just gotten. It is difficult to figure out just what to do in a situation like this.

Various articles were now popping up everywhere on the magi-hive, all related to Axel, Lady Gossip, and the biography she had just published in the most popular hivesite of books, E-tomes.

"Axel Hunt: A Thief?"

"Crimes of Axel Hunt."

"Prolonged Exposure to the Crutiatus! Experts' statement: How is Hunt still sane?"

"Was Axel Hunt really Sane?"

"Axel Hunt: Shirtless Photo revealed! Thousands of Scars!"

"Axel Hunt's Insane Physique! Experts claim: 'it can't be natural'"

There are so many articles! Daphne read the top trending one which talked about the new book that had been launching the summary of its main content.

"The wizarding community throughout the world has been thrown into a frenzy after the recent release of an autobiography of Axel Hunt, currently the most searched person on the internet. Axel Hunt (13), is famous for being known his godly skills in Quidditch, showing expertise that no other can hope to match.

(Click here for more info. on Hunt)

This boy has managed to impress every person who has ever seen his play, whether they like the sport or not. Many clips of his play have already hit over a 100 million views worldwide, meaning that it is safe to assume that almost 99 percent of the wizarding community has watched him play.

This has generated a terrifying demand for more information on the person, leading him to be the most searched topic on the internet this year.

With this kind of terrific influence, chaos was guaranteed when an anonymous person calling herself "Lady Gossip" became the first person to release a complete biography on Axel's Life, revealing shocking secrets that have the readers in complete disbelief.

In the biography, It has been alleged that the young genius has been caught doing petty thefts multiple times. The author even managed to print memories as proof.

Lady Gossip has explored further in Hunt's street life where he ended up in confrontations with various muggle gangs. One such encounter also have a gruesome recorded memory, in which the leader of the Gang is shown slashing Hunt's face, giving him the scars that he is now infamous for.

The author also mentioned the that the leader of this gang also allegedly vanished as soon as Hunt went on Christmas Holidays after learning magic at Hogwarts. And there is evidence of Axel fighting against the rest of the group.

Furthermore, Hunt's detailed hospital record has also been revealed, showing the extenuating injuries his body has suffered, including an extremely prolonged exposure to the cruciatus that had effectively had him crippled with no hope of recovery by any known means.

The author also published pictures of Hunt's bare upper body as proof, which does still clearly contain gruesome scarring from his many injuries.

Until now, no one has been able to deny the authenticity of the various claims in the book, which is really terrifying. Because that would indicate the fact that the facts written in the book… are most likely true."

With articles and videos such as this covering the whole internet, talking about the details revealed in the book, the book has already been shared throughout the whole world and it is impossible to keep people from reading it now.

The Forums are getting flooded, because everyone wants to talk about the insane things that have been revealed in the book.

Thread title: Axel Hunt is a Legend


(Axel's jacked picture)


Just read the whole book and whole Holy dungbombs! This guy has had some life! 10 minutes of crutiatus, crippled body and still able take on the best of Mahoutokoro? This guy has to be the baddest mf alive. Did are guy look at that body? No wonder even Ninjas were child's play for him.


Ohmymerlin, Soooooo hot!


I'm creaming!


Who is that girl sticking close to him? So jealous! >⁠.⁠<


Daphne Greengrass. She's just another in the list. Don't dream. Hunt only hooks up with rich girls.


@Witchinheat008 @Axelfangirl696969 stop drooling over him, He did not work so hard so that hags in heat like you can get off from it.


@Ugandiantroll11 True. Look at the sheer number and types of scars. After reading his medical report, the healers are claiming they have no idea how the guy can even walk.


Yeah, I hear that people trying to find him have quadrupled. But most of them now are now doing it because of the bounties on him.


Wait, why does he have a bounty on him?


That's obvious, The guy is worth millions now. There are too many ways people who want him. Do you know how many people are suffering from overuse of Crutiatus? The statistics might shock you. Just because its illegal doesn't mean criminals don't use it. Healers and Magical researchers would really want to experiment on Hunt to know how Axel recovered. Plus, come on! he's Axel Hunt, he's like a golden goose. There are tons of ways people can make money off him if they just have him under their control. Quidditch is just one of them."


I think this might be the main reason why he disappeared in the first place. He became too high profile. As they say, it is always the bigger dragon that's butchered first."


My man suffering from success fr.


Poor boy. I hope he is alright, wherever he is.


Daphne looked up from her magi-mirror.

So, such was the situation. Axel's past, including his petty crimes in the muggle world have been revealed, and he is now one of the most wanted people in the world.

It is safe to say that the little 'normality' he had in his life is now effectively gone.

And her?

She has been degraded into just another girl who got lucky. Which only hurts more because she still hasn't gotten 'lucky' at all! Her 'luckiness' is still intact, for good or for bad.

But that is besides the point. The question is, what should she do now?

Martina was also pondering over this matter right now. "Well, we would start by denying things that ARE false…" said Martina, glancing over at her.

Daphne suddenly raised her eyebrows. "What? No! I'm not going to deny it! If they are making assumptions about me and Axel, I am perfectly comfortable with that."

"Why? Nothing happened between you two, right? You're only 13 for god's sake."

"Hey! Are kind of muggle nonsense are you talk about? This is wizarding world. We don't really pay much attention to age here. Daughters of noble houses get engaged or even married at this age. Besides, we've even slept together. Their assumptions aren't far off."

"You've what—? Well, never mind." Martina shook her head. She has to let it go. No matter what, it's her and Axel's business. It shouldn't bother her. "The thing is, there is not much we can do at this point. The silver lining is, it shouldn't affect him much since he's going there with a different identity. Even when he comes back, is there anyone who can even try to accuse him of anything? He's has the full backing of my family, yours, and the Minister of Magic."

Daphne was lost in thought. "It really won't affect him, right?"

Martina shook her head. "It shouldn't."

Daphne clenched the magi-mirror in her hand. Thoughts were clouding her head right now.

What would he say to her when he knows about all this? Would he be angry at her? What is doing there in Atlantis? Is he alright? Why has he not called her yet?

More importantly, what should she do now?

"It would have been better if you didn't leave me here." She murmured, already missing him to death.

"You better be safe."

Chapter 196: Situation in Britain
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