Fated to Be Loved by Villains
Chapter 125: Promises Should Be Kept (2)

༺ Promises Should Be Kept (2) ༻


Kasa Garda let out a burst of laughter as she looked at the nameplate resting on her hand.

It was an item Dowd Campbell, who had appeared out of nowhere, tossed to her.

And it was definitely something that shouldn’t be handled so lightly.

After all, it was the equivalent of the Imperial Seal of the Empire.

The symbol of the Chieftain. Up until now, it had always been in Alan’s possession.

“…How did you even obtain this?”

Kasa asked in a dazed voice, addressing Dowd, who nonchalantly handed it to her without any explanation.

“Well, the situation’s chaotic right now. The Chieftain is dead, the entire alliance is in disarray, and I’m the one who cleaned up the whole mess. With a little negotiation with the War Chiefs, it wasn’t hard to take this little thing away from them.”

His words did make sense.

For the Tribal Alliance, having their Chieftain manipulated to such an extent by someone was definitely a shameful event. In fact, the War Chief Assembly was currently in a state of unprecedented chaos.

But still…


This thing wasn’t such an easy thing to obtain.

To clarify, it was true that the position of a Chieftain didn’t hold the same dignity and power as the Empress of the Empire or the Pope of the Holy Land.

After all, it was a position that could be challenged anytime; Kasa’s downfall against Alan was proof of this.

It was determined by who was the ‘strongest’ among the War Chiefs rather than someone who fundamentally ‘ruled’ over the Tribal Alliance.

However, even so…

It was still a role representing one of the three Superpowers. It was not a position where the decision-making power could be casually handed over to an ‘outsider’.

So, as Kasa posed her query filled with such doubts…

She was met with another ridiculous response.

“Nah, it’s just…”

Casually blurted out by the man in front of her.

“I told them to fight me if they have a problem with it.”


“I said, since the position is determined by that kind of outdated method, why do they even make such a fuss? I’m still asking nicely, why can’t you just hand it over? Yeah, something along those lines.”

And that answer made Kasa burst out in laughter.

‘Well, that makes sense.’

After all, Kasa had heard about how Dowd had broadcasted his fight against the Ancient Gods live to the War Chiefs and also repelled unidentified who attacked the place where Lady Tristan was staying.

“In the first place, they also knew who taught me the Law Technique I used to defeat the Ancient Gods. So, they didn’t treat me as an outsider, but a direct disciple of yours.”

This response was also another one worthy of her chuckle.

While his skills were laden with all sorts of tricks, deceit, and swindling, he had proven himself sufficiently.

As for ‘authority’, it seemed he had leveraged her name to settle matters.

Then, at this point, there was something she absolutely had to ask.

“What are you scheming?”

“Excuse me?”

“With achievements and authority that could potentially secure the highest power in a Superpower, you could have obtained anything you wanted.”

But this man…

Acquired such a position and handed it over to her, not even bothering to claim it for himself.

“…Which means, you have an entirely different desire.”

“…There are various answers to that, but if you’re looking for the most relatable one to you, it’s because it will make Riru happy.”

“That child?”

“Honestly, it’s too early to use such a reason just for the mere position of Chieftain. This is just the beginning, after all.”

Dowd awkwardly scratched his head as he spoke.

“You’ve seen what your granddaughter is harboring, haven’t you?”


Kasa slowly nodded.

She had clearly seen with her own two eyes the aura emitted by Riru.

And it was hard to deny what it was.

“…Devils are the common enemy of the entire continent. While some covet their power, fundamentally, they are considered beings that must be exterminated for the sake of humanity.”

Dowd spoke in a serene voice.


With a sigh, he dropped a ‘bomb’.

“To fundamentally rip apart and fix that perception, I have no choice but to spread my influence starting from the top echelons of the continent.”


Kasa’s eyes widened.

In other words…

What this man was saying was that…

“…Are you saying that Devils are not enemies of humanity?”



Dowd answered as curtly as he always did.

“They are not enemies. And I will prove that.”

It was a statement filled with omissions.

Why were they not enemies? How did he plan to prove it?

“The position of Chieftain is just the start. The Imperial Court of the Empire, the Church Headquarters of the Holy Land… I have to make all of them owe me a ‘debt’. At least to the point where they will comply with my requests without question.”

It was an absurd claim with unbelievable motives; A plan only a lunatic could come up with.


When he spoke about ‘why he was doing it’…

His voice was filled with conviction and certainty.

“Including Riru, to make all the people who harbor such things happy, that is the only way.”


Kasa let out a laugh of disbelief.

In other words…

“You might end up turning all of humanity against you, Child. Deep-seated hatred isn’t something that could be changed easily.”


“You’re saying you’re willing to fight against all of humanity for the sake of your women. Do you understand that?”

“…I’m just trying to reveal the truth.”

Kasa burst into laughter once again.

‘This bastard…’

He was a fool. He was an idiot. He was a stubborn, headstrong, and self-righteous maverick who had lost his mind.

“What a crazy idea, Child.”


Kasa had a fondness for such people.

“No matter what, push through to the end. Include me in it too.”


Since her granddaughter was also involved…

There was no reason to refuse.

“…This is why I like you, Kasa.”

At Dowd’s words, Kasa grinned mischievously.

Then, as if suddenly remembering something, she asked another question.

“But why did those bastards attack Lady Tristan?”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s strange.”

Kasa began filling her pipe with fresh tobacco.

“It’s almost as if summoning three Ancient Gods was just a ‘deception’.”


“And you are aware of that too, aren’t you?”

It was something she could say, having directly witnessed the fight against the Ancient Gods and what Dowd did afterward.

This man never seemed to be ‘sincerely’ invested in them from the start.

As if…

He already knew that something else was coming after.

Such a demeanor that indicated he was ‘obviously’ aware gave her no choice but to ask this question.

“Do you know them?”


Dowd gave a bitter smile.

“…I don’t know them.”


“Not yet at least.”

It was a strange answer.

As if, though he did not know now, he would eventually know who it was in the future.

Kasa pondered the meaning of his words for a moment.

“…So you have a clear idea of who to suspect, huh?”

It was probably an answer that he could not give unless he had a clear list of suspects in mind.

To her question, Dowd remained silent for a long time.

As if recalling such a fact was a ‘wound’ in itself.

“Well, anyway.”

Then he forcibly steered the conversation elsewhere.

Anyone could see that he was intentionally changing the subject, but Kasa did not press further.

After all, everyone had things they wanted to keep hidden.

“The matter is all settled, Kasa. Would you stay at the Forge of Struggle for the time being? I’ll contact you when needed.”

“Ah, that’s fine, but…”

As Dowd turned to leave the room, Kasa called out to him.

“That child, Iliya. Could you send her to me before she leaves the Forge of Struggle?”

“…? I can do that, but why do you ask?”

“There’s something I want to teach her.”

To Kasa, Iliya seemed like a raw gem right at her turning point.

She was on the brink of discovering a very special ability.

“Speaking of Devils…”

Kasa continued with a sly smile.

“That girl can play a very special role for you, who’s suffering in the middle of that mess. You can trust me on that.”

“…A special role?”


Kasa’s voice was filled with such confidence that even Dowd seemed taken aback.

“If I’m right, that girl will have a very strong competitive edge even among the women who are trying to devour you.”


“You’ll have a really tough time deciding who to welcome firs—”

“…I’m leaving.”

Dowd quickly left Kasa’s room.

As if it was a topic he desperately wanted to escape from.

System Message

[ Main Quest Completed! ]

[ Rewards are being distributed! ]

[ Special Interaction with the ‘Tribal Alliance’ has been added! ]

[ You can request ‘Special Support’ from the target once! ]

[ ‘Special Support’ allows near unlimited requests in any field and subject. Use it wisely as it can have enormous repercussions! ]

Sure. That was nice and all.

I scanned the window that appeared before my eyes with a sigh.


But somehow, it felt a bit lackluster.

Usually, completing Main Quests brought substantial rewards, but despite the all-time suffering I went through this time, the reward seemed the most unremarkable.

It would be disappointing if this was all….

System Message

[ Flawless Clear! ]

[ The Forge of Struggle has suffered no damage and there are no unnecessary casualties! ]

[ Additional rewards that will be helpful in the will be provided! ]

Oooh. There it was!

A smile involuntarily appeared on my face as I saw the window.

Yes, yes. Being too stingy isn’t the way to live.

When it’s time to cook and give, you should give generousl-

System Message

[ Target ‘Seras Evatrice’ begins to take interest in you earlier than expected! ]

[ The target will soon arrive at ‘Elfante Imperial Academy’! ]


What the fuck? What were you cooking?!

I knew of Seras.

She was the master of the ‘Oath of the Crescent Moon’, a covert organization under the Holy Land’s Pope.


Was highly likely, a Devil’s Vessel.

Unlike other Devils whose roles were randomly assigned in each chapter, Seras was a predetermined entity, akin to Faenol and Eleanor.

She was the one who harbored the Purple Devil’s Fragment.

Though I may not have met her in person, there had been a few interactions before.

In the first place…

System Log

[ Checking the current conditions of the target ‘Seras’. ]

[ Your overall demeanor matches Seras’s ideal type perfectly! ]

[ If she meets you in person, the probability of her falling in love at first sight is extremely high! ]

[ ‘Skill: Fatal Charm’ preemptively activated! ]

Wasn’t she someone that had something like this show up way in advance?

If she joined in this situation, it was like adding a bomb when I was already walking a tightrope among Devils.

And the timing wasn’t even good either.

You see, I somehow cleared this chapter while walking on a tightrope through disgusting shitfest around me.

And this was the result.

System Log

[ Target ‘Yuria’ feels severe despair! ]

[ Target ‘Lucia’ feels severe guilt! ]

[ Target ‘Eleanor’ feels severe powerlessness! ]

[ Target ‘Faenol’ seems to want to ask you a favor! ]

[ Find a way to comfort them! ]


I felt cold sweat breaking out because of this sense of crisis.

This was strange.

I thought I did a pretty good job when it came to walking on the tightrope, so why was everyone in this state?

And what the fuck was up with the last one?

How the fuck was I supposed to fix this?

Someone please save me…

“…You are here.”

I was at a loss for what to do in the face of the system window that made me dizzy just at the sight of it. But then…

The voice I least wanted to hear right now came from behind.

Turning around stiffly like an unoiled machine, I faced the person who uttered those words.

“Riru? Are you healthy now?”

“…I’m healthy.”

An awkward silence followed.

At a glance, she seemed no different than usual…

But when I observed her closely…

Something was a bit…


She was someone who usually dressed neatly, albeit plainly, but now her clothes were a mess.

Due to it being disheveled here and there, more of her firm bare skin was shown than usual.

Perhaps it was just my imagination, but her face also seemed flushed.

For some unknown reason, she was sweating all over.

She definitely didn’t look normal.

It felt like she had been ‘forced into this state’ by ‘something’.

[Oooh damn, she’s here. You agreed to be under her mercy for a day, right?]


[That’s why you shouldn’t make promises so lightly.]

‘…Why do you sound so happy?’

[Promises should be kept. Good luck. You got this, Dowd Campbell.]

‘Shut up.’

‘You! You, just shut the fuck up…!’

“You don’t look so good. Maybe you should rest mo—”

When I blurted out in haste…


Riru cut off my words.

She trudged towards me.

As she got closer, the strangeness became more apparent,

Her breath carried a mix of heated sighs and sweetness. The corner of her eyes were slightly drooped. Her gaze dripped with honey, as she firmly grabbed my collar.

There was a great sense of ‘urgency’ in her actions.

Inwardly, I was sweating bullets as I watched her.

“…I’m free today. And no one’s in the room I’m staying at.”

Chills ran down my spine.

“Do you want to come over and eat something?”

“…Uh, Riru.”

“Come and eat.”


No, like…

Were you really going to invite me to eat?

You sure you weren’t going to eat me instead?

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Chapter 125: Promises Should Be Kept (2)
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