Demon's Diary
Chapter 1499: Life and Death Battle

As Liu Ming was thinking, a white light appeared at the wound on his left shoulder.

In the white light, countless granulations were growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, the broken arm had regenerated.

Primal Demon Lord glanced at Liu Ming with an indifferent look, but a hint of surprise flashed deep in his eyes.

He caught Liu Ming by surprise and launched a powerful move. Although he did go all out to avoid crushing Liu Ming’s soul, he thought he would be able to split Liu Ming’s body in half. Even if Liu Ming survived, he would lose resistance. He didn’t expect Liu Ming to escape from the fatal attack.

Hmph!” Primal Demon Lord snorted. He made a gesture, and a layer of black light emerged on the giant axe again.

The next moment, the black axe flew out, turned into countless black crystal filaments, and surged toward Liu Ming with a wave of law power.

These black crystal filaments were quite similar to the white crystal filaments Liu Ming just cast through the Celestial Mirror.

However, both the light and the law fluctuations emitted by these black filaments were far superior to the white crystal filaments just now.

Liu Ming was shocked. The black and white light wings behind his back flapped slightly, and he disappeared instantly.

The next moment, Liu Ming emerged like a ghost 300 meters away. His speed was almost as fast as Primal Demon Lord’s shuttle through the space just now.

The place he was at was swarmed by those black filaments.

Liu Ming felt a little relieved. This black and white light wing was a new technique he comprehended over the years. It combined his previous techniques such as Beast Armor Tactic, Three Shadowy Mirages, etc. With the ying and yang law power, he could blend with the space. The speed was elusive as a shadow.

Primal Demon Lord looked surprised. He launched a symbol.

The black filaments air suddenly turned in the direction of Liu Ming.

At the same time, Primal Demon Lord pointed with his other hand, shooting a black light into the sky.

Liu Ming noticed Primal Demon Lord’s movements, and he immediately thought of something, but the black filaments were also close at this moment.

He quickly made another gesture. The light wings flapped, and he appeared hundreds of meters away instantly.

However, the moment he appeared, the black filaments had already turned toward him as if predicting his movement trajectory.

Liu Ming’s heart sank. The black and white lights shone again, and he narrowly escaped the black filaments.

At this moment, the black crystal filaments suddenly split into several parts, accelerated, and shot toward Liu Ming from several directions.

Liu Ming channeled his speed to the maximum, barely dodging the black filaments once again.

Primal Demon Lord frowned with a hint of impatience. He chanted and waved his hand.


A thunderous sound came from the sky. The clouds rolled and spread in all directions, then the sky turned gloomy.

A huge figure emerged in mid-air.

It was a huge black figure that was more than 3,000 meters in size. It was like clouds, covering the entire sky.

At first glance, this huge figure looked no different from an ordinary creature, but upon closer inspection, one could realize that it was not a living creature, but a huge puppet.

Liu Ming looked at the huge black puppet in the sky. Although he looked calm, his heart was full of disbelief.

He actually didn’t notice such a behemoth hiding in the clouds before!

The aura that this puppet exuded felt somehow familiar to him!

He swayed and dodged the attack of a bunch of black filaments, then he quickly glanced at the hands of the giant puppet. He immediately understood what was going on.

He recognized those giant black hands. They were the same terrifying giant hands that had appeared in front of him several times before and finally captured him in the Incarnation Realm.

Liu Ming had always thought that the giant hands that could break through the space and capture people were the hands of Primal Demon Lord. He never expected that they belonged to such a huge puppet.

The aura exuded by this puppet was several times more powerful than him.

The huge black puppet opened its hand and grabbed toward Liu Ming swiftly. There was a faint black light on the hand.

A muffled pong!

The puppet’s giant hand suddenly stopped midway, and then the black light burst apart and covered the area several miles below.

Although Liu Ming’s escape speed was extremely fast, he couldn’t escape the range of this black light.

His face became pale. The black light seemed to contain some kind of law power. A huge pressure of the 5 elements acted on him from all directions, slowing him down.

At the same time, those black crystal filaments seemed not to be affected at all in the black light. They entangled Liu Ming in a blur, revealing only his head.

Primal Demon Lord finally showed a smile. He waved and canceled the black light of the huge puppet’s hand.

The huge puppet made a series of click sounds, then it transformed into a black palace and suspended in the sky.

Liu Ming was brought before Primal Demon Lord in a flash.

But at this moment, Liu Ming’s body collapsed into black air, then a talisman with faint golden light floated down.

It was the yellow turban soldier talisman!

Primal Demon Lord looked startled.

Hundreds of meters away, Liu Ming who was shrouded in green light emerged. Although the severed arm had completely grown back, his face was paler than before.

During these years, he refined the yellow turban soldier talisman just to deal with Primal Demon Lord. Although the clone it transformed into had the same aura and appearance to be able to fool Primal Demon Lord, the amount of spiritual power it consumed was astoundingly high.

It was a fluke that this method could succeed once against Primal Demon Lord. It was impossible to do anything more.

In addition, although he recovered his broken arm with under the effect of Sky Beastkin Blood, the spiritual power consumption was not small. Therefore, his spiritual power less than half at this moment.

“This talisman is quite interesting. It seems to be something passed down from ancient times. You actually managed to dodge several of my attacks. Now I want to see if you can take my next move.” Primal Demon Lord looked away from the yellow turban soldier symbol, and he launched a symbol with a smile.

The black crystal filaments rolled back, transformed back into the giant black axe, and swirled around him.

At the same time, he took out a dark flute with the other hand.

The flute was only about a foot long. It was engraved with some dark purple patterns. One end of the flute looked like an animal head.

Even though Liu Ming was far away from the flute, he could still feel the aura emanating from the black flute. It was also a mystic spiritual weapon, and its grade was by no means lower than that of the black axe.

He immediately made a gesture, and the Demon Destroy Whip stretched dozens of times in a flash and turned into circles of green light that wrapped around his body.

The other hand released the Celestial Mirror, and it cast a white light circle around him.

Demon Lord wasn’t bothered by Liu Ming’s actions. He slowly raised the black flute and put it to his mouth.

The next moment, a melodious flute sound sounded. The purple patterns on the black flute glowed with a faint light, and then purple runes spread to the surroundings.

The space made buzzing sounds, and the air changed into a strange hazy purple color.

Liu Ming was shocked. Although the light curtains around him could resist physical attacks, they could not block out sound.

Soon, the flute songs spread into his ears and echoed in his sea of consciousness.

The scenery in front of him suddenly became blurry, and he felt a sense of comfort and relaxation in his heart. His mind became groggy for a while as if he was about to fall asleep.

At this critical moment, Liu Ming got the strength from nowhere and bit the tip of his tongue. The severe pain made him regain his consciousness a little, and then he released a dozen flags to unfold a layer of soundproofing enchantment.

Primal Demon Lord was surprised, but he was still playing the flute. The purple runes had spread to hundreds of meters around, dyeing the space around Primal Demon Lord purple. Liu Ming was surrounded by this purple world too.

Liu Ming was anxious because even though he used his brief moment of sobriety to activate the soundproof enchantment, he was still unable to block the flute sounds of Primal Demon Lord’s flute.

“This should also be some kind of law power! But it is definitely not one of the 7 laws of the Lower Realm. Could it be that it is also the law of the Upper Realm!” Liu Ming became more and more drowsy. Such a thought emerged in his mind.

Otherwise, with his soul power, how could he not be able to withstand the sound of a mere flute?

He was now very familiar with the 7 law powers of this interface. Not a single law could easily restrain him now.

Chapter 1499: Life and Death Battle
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