Chapter 138.1: Gods of Nargol

◆Dark Knight; Kuroki

I walked along the corridor of the Demon King’s castle, led by a court lady from the Empusa race.

The corridor was huge, enough for a giant to walk in.

Maybe this corridor was made while taking into consideration giant-sized creatures.

Anyhow, Modes did have some friends whose height surpassed ten meters.

That might be the real reason why the corridor was made so big.

Finally, we arrived in front of a huge gate.

That gate was also made in accordance with a giant’s size.

「Come in, Your Excellency. His Majesty is waiting inside.」

The Empusa court lady opened the gate and bowed at me while showing the way to go in.

Naturally, on the other side of the door was also an extremely spacious hall, possibly the biggest room in the Demon King’s castle.

The hall was really bright thanks to the multi-coloured gems inside.

I walked into that spacious hall.

「Welcome, Kuroki. Now everyone is finally present.」

Demon King Modes greeted me as soon as I entered the hall.

Other than Modes, there was the leader of the Chivalric Order of Dark Knights Runfeld, the Blacksmith God Heibos, the Archwitch Heqat, and prime minister Loughas.

There were other grotesque-looking people too.

Those grotesque-looking people were of a divine race. They were the Gods of Nargol who allied themselves with Demon King Modes.

The meeting of the Gods was about to begin.

That’s why there was only the divine race in this hall, or those with a power that rivaled that of the divine race.

That’s why Heibos who affiliated himself with both Nargol and Elios was also attending this meeting.

Runfeld wasn’t a member of the divine race but he had power comparable to that of the divine race.

And these people were members of the divine race but they were more considered as Modes’ comrades.

Except for Loughas, everyone wasn’t Modes’ subordinate.

That’s why Modes couldn’t order them either.

Heqat was a prime example of that. Being his nanny, Modes could never bring himself to order Heqat.

Modes was only the leader of the alliance, he had no control over them, the only thing he could do was call them for a meeting.

This seems to be the same case as Elios, Oudith only led Elios but he had no full authority over it.

「Long time no see~, master Kuroki!」

A short time later, Polen, the princess of Nargol, rushed at me as soon as she entered the hall.

It seems she has yet to master her transformation ability.

「Long time no see, Your Highness. Are you going to attend the meeting too?」

「Yes, master. Dear Father said that it’s about the time for me to attend the meeting, he also said that I can come as the representative of Dear Mother.」

Come to think of it, I didn’t see Mona’s figure in this hall.

It seems she didn’t attend this meeting.

Well, I think I could understand the reason though.

Polen was looking around restlessly as if looking for someone who might be hiding around me.

「Master, is Kuna-shishou not going to attend this meeting?」

Asked Polen while cocking her head.

「Yeah, Kuna won’t come.」

Kuna was also considered a part of the divine race who belonged to Nargol.

Meaning that she could attend this meeting too.

But, maybe because she didn’t feel like it, she chose to stay in the sweet castle.

「I see. Too bad. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen her after all.」

Said Polen with a rather dejected voice.

For some reason, Polen held Kuna in high regard. Alas, Kuna didn’t seem to care about that.

Not that I could tell Polen about that fact.

While I was talking to Polen, a giant figure suddenly cast a shadow upon me.

When I looked up, there was a figure of a giant merman over six meters tall.

That merman was fat and his belly was protruding.

The merman was laughing while looking down at us.

「This is our second meeting, Dark Knight. Do you remember me? I’m Draugon.」

The Sea God Draugon.

That was the name of the giant merman before me. And yes, this was our second meeting.

He was one of Modes’ friends.

Draugon was looking at us while scratching his stomach.

He didn’t live in Nargol, he lived in the Saird inlet, in the far west.

It seems he came all the way to Nargol to attend the meeting.

And then, Draugon also started looking around as if trying to find someone hiding nearby.

What’s wrong I wonder?

「Yes, long time no see Draugon-dono. Is something the matter? Why are you looking around too?」

「Well, I was just wondering where the beauty that always comes with you is.」

I see, so the real reason he came to greet me was to see Kuna.

「A~h. I see… Kuna can’t come this time.」

Hearing that, Draugon looked up while covering his face with his hand.

「Kuha~! I see! Too bad then! Mona isn’t attending the meeting too! There’s not enough flowers here!」

Said Draugon with a dejected voice.

Polen was glaring at him from the side.

I’m surprised to see that most male Gods were also making the same dejected face as Draugon.

In fact, these male Gods were the main reason why Kuna didn’t want to attend the meeting. The same reason might be applied to Mona.

But of course, not that I could tell them about this matter.

「That’s a rude statement, Draugon-sama. If you’re talking about flowers, there’s Heqat-sama and me.」

The Empusa court lady interrupted us upon hearing our conversation.

The Empusa empress, otherwise known as Enshema, was none other than this chief court lady, who was also the subordinate of the Archwitch Heqat.

Though she wasn’t exactly a member of the divine race, she attended the meeting with the same reason as Runfeld.

「Eh? Ah, you’re right. My bad, lady Enshema.」

Draugon’s attitude suddenly turned 180.

No matter how I looked at it, he was clearly glossing over it.

Though Enshema did appear to be a beautiful woman, I heard that her real form was that of a bronze legged, giant female praying mantis.

I had yet to see her real appearance, but I guess it was truly terrifying.

Despite calling herself a flower, her thorns contained extremely deadly poison.

But still, most Gods here were male.

To begin with, the Goddesses who affiliated themselves with Modes were already small in number.

In fact, Gypseal’s side had a lot more Goddesses than Nargol.

Well that matter aside, the only women who attended this meeting were Polen, Heqat, and Enshema.

There was also the Goddess of the valley, Mumy, the daughter of the Goddess of Mountains and the God of Trolls.

Mumy was the Goddess who was revered by the trolls, she was called the green lady due to the moss that covered her body.

She was truly a gentle lady, and many of her troll subordinates were gentle by nature.

「Well, not that I care about it though.」

Enshema turned around as she spoke as if she wasn’t interested in the first place.

Seeing her attitude, I guess she only wanted to tease Draugon and wasn’t really angry about his statement.

According to Polen, Enshema seems to like pretty boys.

Which then reminded me that Draugon, who looked like a middle aged man with a beer-belly was definitely not her type.

「That matter aside, I guess everyone has already come. Let’s start the meeting. Is that fine with you, Your Excellency, Your Highness?」

Polen and I nodded at Enshema.

Since the Gods who participated in the meeting were of various sizes, there was no particular seat arrangement.

That’s why they either sat on the floor or stood where they were.

I stood along with Polen.

「Well then, it seems everyone has arrived. Now let’s start the meeting. Today’s agenda is the topic that everyone is already aware of, the matter of Zarxis who regained his power. Enshema, tell everyone about the latest information known about Zarxis.」

The other Gods gasped when they heard their leader, Modes’ statement.

I guess that’s just how infamous Zarxis was in the past.

Enshema stepped forward.

「Yes Your Majesty. That reaper is currently in the Ruvania region. Maybe he’s going to return to Modegal, his own capital. What should we do about him?」

Enshema looked around as she spoke.

Some of the Gods had their own personal residence.

For example, Labrys with his labyrinth city Labyrinthos, Sekhmetra with her golden city Arnak.

And according to what I heard, the city of death, Modegal, was Zarxis’ residence.

It seems that he deliberately didn’t go back to his capital after he survived, he only returned after he regained his power back.

「Ruvania? That region was originally ruled by Zarxis. Nothing strange about him going back there.」

Said Loughas while combing his beard.

To be honest, I’ve never heard about the Ruvania region. Maybe I should do some research about that place later.

「The possibility is quite high indeed. So, what are we going to do?」

Said Modes while pondering by himself.

Zarxis and Modes were mortal enemies.

In the first place, the reason why Zarxis lost his power was because he lost in a fight against Modes.

Now that he regained his power, he might try to get his revenge on Modes.

Alas, since his whereabouts was already known, it means that we could ambush him.


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Chapter 138.1: Gods of Nargol
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